DOE issues geothermal energy research grant

8 October 2008 — Ormat Technologies Inc. said the Department of Energy has chosen Ormat to demonstrate the viability of enhanced geothermal systems with a grant for nearly $3.4 million to improve hot, non-commercial wells located within a stress environment and in formations favorable for permeability enhancements using geothermal techniques.

Ormat, the DOE, GeothermEx Inc. and other stakeholders will apply geothermal stimulation techniques at Ormat’s Brady facility near Reno, Nev. to develop fracture networks that will enable currently non-commercial wells to communicate with the productive reservoir and enhance generation

The Brady project follows the current DOE-funded geothermal demonstration and development project at Ormat’s Desert Peak geothermal power plant.

Upon completion of the project, the Desert Peak facility will be one of the first applicationd of the technology to supply a producing power project in the United States.

Ormat technology has been applied to another commercial geothermal project in Landau, Germany, where a 3.2 MW enhanced geothermal power project has been in operation for more than a year.