Enel repowers OGK-5’s Sredneuralskaya power station

16 September 2008 – Italian power and gas utility Enel has announced the commencement of work on a €350m ($499m), 410 MW combined-cycle plant at the regional electricity generator OGK-5’s Sredneuralskaya power station near Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The new plant is scheduled to enter service in 2010. The project is part of the plan to modernize and upgrade the plants owned by OGK-5, in which Enel has a majority stake.

OGK-5’s investment plans for the 2008-2012 period call for the installation of two combined-cycle units with a total capacity of 820 MW, both due to enter service by the end of 2010; and a series of investments to increase the efficiency and useful life of the plants while reducing their environmental impact, for a total of about €1.5bn.