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Russia’s E4 Group and TGK-10 tie up deal for Urals combined-cycle power plant

14 August 2008 – Russia’s E4 Group and TGK-10 have signed two contracts worth more than a combined $1bn for the building of a new combined-cycle gas fired power plant and the upgrade of an existing plant in the Urals region.

E4 Group will act as turnkey contractor for the Nyaganskaya thermal power plant (TPP) in the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district, which is a part of Ural autonomous district. The Russian firm will build three combined-cycle power units of 400 MW. Moreover, OJSC “E4 Group” will design, inspect and supply the equipment for the fifth power unit of the Tyumen TPP-2.

Once completed the Nyaganskaya TPP’s capacity will be 1200 MW. Construction will be performed in three stages: the first and the second power units will be commissioned in 2011, and the third power unit – in 2012.

Once power units 1 and 2 have been commissioned, Nyaganskaya TPP will output 5.4bn kWh a year, and after putting into operation of power unit 3 its output will correspond to 8.6bn kWh a year. Construction and erection works on three combined cycle power units on “turn key” basis will be completed on 31 March, 2013.

The contract price amounts to €380.6m ($567.5m) and 10.4bn roubles ($428m) including Value Added Tax (VAT).

The fifth power unit for Tyumen TPP-2, which will be located in Ural federal district, will cost €86m ($128.2m) and 914m rubles ($37.7m) with VAT. Completion date is 31 December, 2012.

Siemens, which signed respective contract, will be the supplier of the main equipment both for Nyaganskaya TPP and Tyumen TPP-2.