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Protest continues at UK power plant following arrests

6 August 2008 – Campaigners opposed to the building of Britain’s first coal fired power plant in over 30 years were continuing their week-long protest Tuesday at Kingsnorth power station in Kent, south east England, following the arrest of nine demonstrators.

Tensions were reported to be high at the site, owned by German energy company, E.ON, which describes itself as the world’s largest investor owned electricity and gas company.

More than 500 protesters have been gathered at the Camp for Climate Action site since the official opening of the station on Sunday.

On Monday, nine people were arrested during morning raids and scuffles with police dressed in riot gear. Four were charged with offenses including obstructing an officer, driving without a correct license or insurance and possession of a blade.

A further five men remained in police custody for public order offenses, including one member of a small group who breached bail conditions by flouting a court order prohibiting them from entering the site.

Campaigners condemned a police press release Tuesday as “smear tactics” saying claims to have found a stash of knives was a stunt to deter people coming to the camp.

The Camp for Climate Action has warned that the planned coal- fired power station will pump 10 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.