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AREVA T&D to upgrade France-UK interconnection

22 July 2008 – AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution (T&D) division has been awarded a €70m ($111m) contract from National Grid and RTE, to enhance the reliability and reinforce the availability of IFA 2000.

The IFA 2000 is currently the largest subsea high voltage direct current (HVDC) system and interconnects the French and British national power systems.

AREVA will replace the existing high voltage converter equipment and the control and cooling system, implementing its H-400 HVDC thyristor valves and Series V control system to optimize the interconnector’s availability. The downtime on each circuit will be limited to less than seven weeks.

Since its launch in 1986, IFA 2000 has significantly contributed to the development of the European electricity market and has been recognized as a technical success. Today, this interconnection enables the efficient transmission of electricity between the two countries.

Commenting on the deal, Philippe Guillemot, chairman and CEO of AREVA’s T&D division said: “IFA 2000 has been a pioneering interconnection and a positive example of effective co-operation and partnership between European electricity companies.”

He added: “Our knowledge and experience of this interconnection dates back to 1986 when AREVA supplied the original HVDC converters. We are therefore extremely confident that we can provide the most appropriate solutions that will maximize the performance and efficiency of the scheme.”