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Sencera to build 35 MW solar module factory in Charlotte

8 July 2008 — Sencera International Corporation says it plans to expand in Charlotte. The company says it wants to invest $36.8 million and create 65 jobs during the next three years.

The company’s expansion was made possible in part by a $62,000 One North Carolina Fund grant as well as local incentives from the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Sencera, which is headquartered in Charlotte, develops and manufactures amorphous and microcrystalline thin film solar modules using its proprietary Viper plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition platform. The company also operates a research and development laboratory serving the solar energy industry. The company, with 10 employees, is planning to construct a solar module facility that will produce solar cells and assemble them into photovoltaic panels. Intended total manufacturing capacity will exceed 38 MW by 2011. Sencera’s headquarters and present operations will move to the new facility.

Salaries for the 65 new positions will reportedly vary by job type, but the average annual wage will be $73,462 not including benefits.

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