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Reliant Energy invests in coal-fired emission control

23 June 2008 — Reliant Energy said it will spend approximately $50 million to reduce mercury emissions at five Pennsylvania coal-fired generating plants. Reliant hopes to remove at least 80 percent of the mercury content of the coal burned at the five stations for the purpose of implementing Pennsylvania’s Phase 1 Mercury Regulations.

Installation of the Mer-Cure Sorbent Injection Systems designed by Alstom is scheduled for the first quarter of 2009. Reliant expects the project, which uses activated carbon injection for emissions control, to be completed in December 2009.

In addition to the investment in mercury emissions reduction systems, Reliant is investing $375 million at the Keystone and Cheswick plants to install scrubber systems to remove SO2. This project is scheduled for completion in 2009. Reliant says it is also investing more than $10 million in upgrades to the existing scrubbers at the Elrama station.

The scrubber installations at Keystone and Cheswick, in addition to Reliant’s existing SCR systems, are expected to bring these two plants into compliance with the Pennsylvania Phase I Mercury Regulations. They are also intended to comply with the plant-wide mercury removal requirements of the Pennsylvania Phase II Mercury Regulations that take effect in 2015.