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Duke Energy to assess current technology

13 June 2008 — Duke Energy said it will perform a maximum achievable technology assessment of air emission controls on its new 800 MW advanced clean coal unit at Cliffside Steam Station.

North Carolina regulators issued a construction permit for the plant in
January 2008.

Adhering to industry-best guarantees, the unit’s air emissions equipment
Is expected to remove 99 percent of SO2, 90 percent of NOX emissions and 90 percent of mercury emissions.

Mercury emissions from the site are expected to be be cut in half when the new unit comes online in 2012 and the four older units at the facility are retired. Best available technology under construction includes selective catalytic reduction, a dry scrubber, a baghouse and a wet scrubber.

Duke Energy said it will also retire 1,000 MW of older coal-fired units and work to make Cliffside Unit 6 carbon-neutral by 2018, as part of the air permit, although not required under state or federal law.

Duke Energy plans to pursue renewable power sources and power savings through energy efficiency. Two new natural gas-fired plants recently received regulatory approval and the company continues to evaluate the nuclear option at a site in South Carolina.

Duke Energy receives coal plant air permit

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