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Wisconsin Power and Light to propose emissions reduction

12 June 2008 — Wisconsin Power and Light Co. (WPL) said it plans to propose changes in its generation fleet. The changes include reducing its emissions by retiring a coal-fired generating unit, increasing its wind power and biomass portfolio and improving energy efficiency measures.

WPL, a unit of Alliant Energy Corp., said it will file proposed changes to its generation fleet with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) as part of its filing for the proposed expansion of its Nelson Dewey Generating Station in Wisconsin. WPL says the intended changes will occur when the station becomes operable in 2013

As part of its proposal, WPL says it will retire Edgewater Generating Station’s coal-fired unit 3, the oldest coal plant in WPL’s fleet, and increase its plans for adding new wind generation capacity to 500 MW from 300 MW.

WPL also says it intends to double the amount of renewable resource fuels to be used at the new third unit of Nelson Dewey to 20 percent and to increase energy efficient savings by 50 percent.

The potential increased capital costs from these changes are said to be $500-$550 million, pending all regulatory approvals related to the expansion of the Nelson Dewey Generating Station.