Wet spent nuclear fuel storage facility unveiled by Swiss

27 May 2008 – The wet storage facility for spent fuel at Goesgen nuclear power plant in Switzerland has been unveiled by Kernkraftwerk Goesgen-Daeniken AG at a ceremony attended by high-ranking representatives of the customer, Areva.

The facility is capable of accommodating up to 1008 uranium or mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies. It has already received its first batch of spent fuel and impressively confirmed the merits of its sophisticated design.

Together with AREVA Engineering Services under the leadership of Erlangen and Offenbach offices, Germany, planning had been initiated by the Goesgen Nuclear Power Plant back in 2002 to implement a new concept for wet storage of spent fuel in a fuel pool with passive cooling using natural circulation.

The wet spent fuel store meets the most stringent safety requirements. Special fuel pool features include spring damper assemblies, which completely decouple the store from the outer building structure.

It is designed to withstand a wide variety of external impacts such as earthquakes, flooding, explosion blast waves and aircraft crashes.

The wet fuel store is built in such a way that, for the stored fuel, subcriticality is ensured, decay heat is removed, and unacceptable radiation exposure of the public or staff is prevented during normal operation and anticipated operational occurrences, and in the event of upset operating conditions.

Construction, erection and commissioning took a little over three and a half years.