Issue 5 and Volume 112.

Thermally conductive silicone compound

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Bacon Industries has introduced a thermally conductive silicone compound. This compound is a filled silicone-based resin that cures to a resilient solid that has high thermal conductivity, good thermal stability and excellent electrical properties. This system is available as a two part liquid system with a viscosity of 500 poise and working life of four hours at room temperature. The material will cure in 12 to 24 hours at room temperature. This material is also available premixed and frozen.

Bacon Industries Inc.
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Plastic ball valves

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The new Series TBV2 Plastic Ball Valves by Dwyer Instruments Inc. are designed for use in chemical and wastewater applications. The valves are designed for manual on/off service of process pipelines. Units come in PVC or CPVC plastic bodies with EPDM of FPM O-rings for a wide range of chemical compatibility. They feature a full port design and are available in 1/2¿ to 4¿ sizes.

Ball valves incorporate a double O-ring seal for twice the leak protection, a threaded seal retainer that allows for seat adjustment and most sizes come with both NPT and socket end connections.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Universal Flow Monitors Inc. introduces upgrades in Coolpoint vortex shedding flowmeters for totalization and improved consistency of cooling flows in power generation.

CoolPoint flowmeters are designed to measure and monitor flows in applications involving heat exchangers, motors, boilers, turbines and slurry pumps. The flowmeters are offered in pipe sizes ranging from 1/4” to 4”, providing 4-20 mA transmitter flow rates ranging from 0.4 gallon per minute (1.5 liters per minute) to 600 GPM (2271 LPM).

Totalizing capability is now available to increase the CoolPoint flowmeters’ ability to measure, monitor and control the total amount of liquid used in a process. A flow totalizer with reset button and six-digit LED is offered as a special option on all CoolPoint pipe sizes. The flow totalizer features a pulse output and a display in either liters or gallons.

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The CoolPoint flowmeters are designed for use in bearing oil coolers, condensate motor cooling, cooling boiler feed pumps, gas compressor cooling, service and spray water, steam turbine fluid cooling, turbine bearing cooling, seal water for slurry pumps and water for heat exchangers and scrubbers.

CoolPoint models in 1/2” through 2” pipe sizes are now available with +/-1 percent full-scale accuracy; +/-2 percent FS accuracy is standard on all models. Flow repeatability of +/-.25 percent (1/4 of 1 percent) of actual flow is standard on all models.

CoolPoint flowmeters are non-mechanical meters that can measure and monitor recycled water containing particles. The meters have no moving parts. Flow turndown of 20:1 is a new option on 1/2” through 2” pipe sizes.

Field adjustability of flowmeter response time to 4-20 mA transmitter flow rates is now offered on the 1/2” through 2” models. The user can adjust the meter’s response time from 0.9 seconds up to 7.5 seconds.

Universal Flowmeters Inc.
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Torque transducers

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S. Himmelstein and Co. announced the MCRT 48200V Series Digital Torquemeters. These compact, non-contact devices have full-scale ranges from 25 to 10,000 lbf-in (2.82 to 1,130 Nm). They output ±10V or ±5V analogs of torque, as well as engineering unit data via a resident com port. Two accuracy grades are offered: 0.2 percent and 0.15 percent.

These new torque transducers have no pots or switches and don’t require any manual adjustments. Calibration values, scaling and units of measure are stored in nonvolatile memory and automatically loaded on power up. Internal signal processing is accurate to 14 bits. Select from any of 10 supported units of measure without recalibration.

Other features include inherent noise tolerance, high overload capacity, high overrange, NIST traceable bi-directional calibration, selectable signal filters and inclusion of PC interface software. The software will display engineering unit current, peak, valley and spread data, classify limits and do real time plotting. It can also be used to change units of measure, select ±5 or ±10 Volt analog output, select signal filters, archive calibration history, save data to disk and store test setup parameters.

Units are shipped with an NIST traceable calibration performed in our NVLAP accredited metrology laboratory (Lab Code 200487).

S. Himmelstein and Co.
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Tank level sensor

Red Valve Co. Series 40TL Tank Level Sensors are designed for sensing level in storage tanks. Designed for sewage, clean water, fuels, oils, etc., the 40TL Tank Level Sensor is not affected by foaming, ice and other conditions that can cause errors in ultrasonic and capacitance level sensors. The Series 40TL Sensor uses a high-sensitivity, solid-state pressure transmitter that is isolated from the process fluid by an elastomer sleeve that transmits pressure through a fluid bill.

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The pressure transmitter is available to sense gauge pressure for vented tanks and differential pressure for pressurized tanks. It can be calibrated for process fluid density or specific gravity in any height of tank. The output signal is 4-20 mA. An LED display with multiple calibration options is also available.

The sensor can also be “rodded” from the outside of the tank to the inside of the tank if necessary in the event of severe blockage.

Red Valve Co. Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 404

Slurry knife gate valve

Red Valve Co. Inc. introduced the Series DX Slurry Knife Gate Valve, designed for heavy slurry applications in the power and mining industries.

When the Series DX valve opens, the reinforced elastomer sleeves seal against each other. The seats isolate and help to protect the metal parts of the valve from coming in contact with the process. The sleeves are designed to provide tight shut-off in both directions when the valve is closed.

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Each time the Series DX valve strokes, it is designed to discharge a small amount of slurry out of the valve, keeping the gate path and seat area clear of entrapped particulates which might otherwise prohibit the valve from closing.

Red Valve Co. Inc.
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Transparent receiver

Pinpoint Laser Systems introduces a new transparent, Microgage 2D receiver designed for aligning production machinery and equipment. A narrow laser beam provides a measuring reference line and the new transparent receiver determines the position of a machine or sub-assembly relative to the laser beam. This new receiver will operate over distances of 100 feet and deliver measuring precision of less than 0.0005 inch. The Microgage system and this newest transparent receiver is designed to work in a lathe and spindle alignment, checking machine tool runout, roll and web alignment, precision bore alignment and much more.

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A display provides instructions to help guide the operator through the alignment project. This product combines a compact laser transmitter with a receiver and digital display. As the laser moves across the receiver in a vertical or horizontal direction the display provides a reading of the motion, accurate to 0.0001”. This new Microgage will operate over a distance of 100 feet with a bright red beam that is quickly adaptable to many industrial applications. Several simple accessories allow for alignment of straightness, runout, parallelism, squareness, roll & web alignment, shaft & bore alignment, flatness measuring and more.

The 2 Axis Laser Microgage operates on batteries for added convenience and all components are machined of solid aluminum with a hard anodized coating for wear resistance and includes a sealed push button keypad and large LCD display. A serial and USB interface connect to a laptop or PC and link to popular spreadsheets for plotting and analyzing data for maintenance records, customer compliance and other uses. This Microgage system includes a compact carrying case to store the components.

Pinpoint Laser Systems
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 406

Molybdate analyzer

Hach’s new MO42 Molybdate Analyzer is designed to provide continuous and cost-effective monitoring (0 to 5 ppm) in industrial water analysis to minimize chemical over-feed and maximize corrosion control. Ideally designed for cooling towers and closed recirculating systems including hot water heating (boilers) and chilled water systems (coolers), the MO42 monitors molybdate while acting as a tracer agent and a corrosion inhibitor.

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With automatic readings every 2.5 minutes, the MO42 provides real-time monitoring with minimal operator intervention. The instrument provides cyclical self-diagnostics along with warnings/alarms upon issue detection. The MO42 has a self-cleaning bar, a colorimetric cell and a pump/valve system with one moving part and no seals.

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Mass flow meter

The FlexMASSter ST98 Flow Meter Series from Fluid Components International now meets the Profibus-DP/-PA standards and includes its own Device Type Manager (DTM) software for use in large-scale process and plant automation systems.

Fully compatible with Profile 3, the ST98 is now a drop-in network replacement instrument for any other Profibus-DP/-PA flow meter, providing process flow and totalized flow data in a matter of minutes.

In addition, the ST98 now features its own DTM software providing instant access to built-in field-adjustable parameters, diagnostic information and maintenance functions. FCI offers both single instrument and enterprise-level DTM software packages to facilitate integration with Profibus. As a member of the Profibus International Organization (PNO), FCI’s ST98 Flow Meter is fully approved with Certification Number Z01212.

The ST98’s advanced thermal mass sensing element delivers precision flow and temperature measurement over a wide flow range. It features high accuracy to ±1 percent of reading, plus ±0.5 percent of full scale. The ST98 offers repeatability to ±0.5 percent of reading. The inline style ST98 features a flow range from 0.00062 to 1850 SCFM [0.01 to 3140 Nm3/h] in air at standard conditions for 70 degrees F [21.2 degrees C] and 14.7 psia [0 degrees C and 1013,25 bar (a)], typical for most gases. The ST98 offers low-flow sensitivity yet is able to operate from 10:1 to 100:1 turndown ratio and is field adjustable within the calibrated range.

The ST98 is suitable for service in numerous process gases, hydrocarbon mixed or dirty gases, biogases including methane and plant compressed air and HVAC systems..

The ST98’s thermal mass sensing element is comprised of two all-welded 316L stainless steel thermowells that protect two matched platinum precision resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). With a highly reliable no-moving parts design, one RTD is heated relative to the reference RTD, and the temperature difference between the two is related to the process gas mass flow rate.

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The ST98’s transmitter converts the differential temperature to a standard 4-20 mA output signal that has been linearized during the FCI factory NIST traceable calibration of the flow element. The ST98’s transmitter with its RS232C communications port is housed in either a NEMA Type 4, Type 4X (IP66) enclosure or an explosion-proof enclosure and can be integrally mounted to the flow element or remotely mounted up to 500 feet away. In addition, an LCD display screen indicating flow rate, temperature and totalized flow is available as an option.

Fluid Components International
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 408

Pneumatic torque gun

The FLIP from HYTORC has a single-hand pistol grip and a run-down handle for pre-torque of fasteners for parallel joint closure with up to 1,800 rpm. Once the flange is pre-torqued, a flip of the wrist turns the run-down handle into a reaction arm for precision-assembly of all joints.

The FLIP is available in 4 sizes for a torque range between 200 and 5,400 ft./lbs. and bolt sizes from 1/2” to 2” diameter.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 409

Absorbent pads

Oil Eater has introduced a line of woven construction absorbent pads made of natural plant by-products. These pads help companies to meet OSHA and EPA requirements. The line includes oil only pads and rolls, universal pads and rolls and absorbent socks.

The pads are designed to absorb up to 20 percent more than melt blown polypropylene pads. All are available in a variety of weights and finishes.

Product sizes range from 16”X18” to 28”X150’. Weights include light, medium and heavy.

The pads are designed for use in production lines, industrial and maintenance facility floors, loading docks, paint shop floors and elsewhere.

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Oil Only products are designed to soak up oil and repel water. Universal products soak up oil, water and other liquids. Absorbent socks control larger spills and protect drains.

Oil Eater
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 410

Position sensor

Airpot Corp. announced the addition of a position sensing option to its line of Airpel non-stiction air cylinder actuators. The company offers non-contact electronic switching sensors from Sick Inc. using state-of-the-art GMR technology. For customers desiring electrical output of piston position, most Airpel models are offered with an optional switch-activating magnet on the piston, as well as one or more option aluminum tracks measuring 9.51 mm wide and 6.83 mm high, attached to the cylinder. The tracks are specially designed for mounting of the Sick Inc. position sensors, which are offered separately. The sensors operate at 10-30 V DC and have repeatability of less than or equal to 0.2 mm.

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Airpot stocks popular models of these GMR sensors with PNP or NPN output, along with matching accessory extension cables available in 2 and 5 meter lengths. A magnetic field has secondary maximum levels that can cause double switching behavior in Hall Effect and reed sensors.

The GMR sensors do not need to be adjusted to magnetic field polarity. The GMR sensor chip is encased in a plastic shell. There is a small LED window in the shell to allow visible indication of the switching signal. The Sick Inc. GMR sensor is specially shaped to allow for easy installation in the Airpel T-slot aluminum track. The track comes permanently bonded along the entire length of the cylinder in the location desired when ordering sensor-ready Airpels.

Airpot Corp.
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