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Alstom wins second contract with Electrabel France for a GT26 CCGT

19 March 2008 – Alstom has signed a full turnkey contract with independent power producer (IPP) Electrabel France, a Suez Group company, for the construction of a GT26-based, 420 MW combined-cycle power plant.

The new plant will be constructed in Fos-sur-Mer, near Marseilles, in the south of France. The Alstom contract value is over €270m ($425m).

This new project will be Suez ‘s first combined cycle power plant in France and its second GT26-based power plant in Europe after the recent contract signed in the Netherlands for the Flevocentrale project.

It will also be the third GT26 combined cycle power plant constructed by Alstom in France, following two contracts signed with Gaz de France for Dunkerque in 2002 and Fos-sur-Mer in 2006.

Under the terms of the contract Alstom will supply all EPC services to deliver a fully integrated plant composed of one GT26 combined cycle unit integrating Alstom in-house core plant components: one GT26 gas turbine, one ST15c steam turbine, one TOPGAS generator, one heat recovery steam generator and an ALSPA distributed control system.

In addition, Alstom has been awarded a frame agreement in the form of a 17-year long-term parts and repair agreement, covering all parts and services necessary for the scheduled maintenance of the gas turbine.

As of today, Alstom has sold 118 GT24/GT26 gas turbines and the fleet has accumulated more than 2.7m firing hours.