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RWE receives approval for hard coal plant in Germany

5 March 2008 – RWE Power has been given approval by the Arnsberg regional government to build a new two-unit hard-coal power plant in Hamm, Germany, as part of its ongoing power plant investment programme.

This development means the way is now clear in legal terms for construction of the new plant. Preparations are already underway and now further progress can be made.

The first block is due to commence operations in 2011, with the second in early 2012. Together they will generate an output of 1600 MW.

The power plant is expected to have an efficiency rate of around 46 per cent, which translates into that the hard-coal twin unit producing 2.5 million tonnes less carbon emissions a year, when compared with an older plant with the same output. This corresponds to a 30 per cent reduction.

In addition, the new plant will be equipped with carbon “capture ready” capability.