Issue 3 and Volume 112.

Vacuum-powered vessel lifter

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The Anver BA1-RV Custom Vacuum Lifter for vessels features three articulated rubber suction pads which adapt to different diameters from 85” to 110” and can lift up to 4500 lbs. The lifter is designed for use with a crane or forklift and boom.
Incorporating a 2.2 CFM piston pump driven by a 1/3 HP motor, the Anver BA1-RV Custom Vacuum Lifter for vessels has a battery powered vacuum station with front mounted controls, an ergonomic handlebar, and a remote pendant control. Standard features include a vacuum check valve, vacuum pump control system, reservoir, gauges, an alarm and indicator lights.
Anver Corp.
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Portable pipe saw chain-mount bracket

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A chain-mount bracket that attaches their universal air-powered saw to pipe and bar stock quickly for applications requiring multiple cuts in the shop or on the job site is available from ESCO Tool.
The ESCO Single Cut Bracket clamps their APS-438 Air Powered Saw onto a pipe or bar stock up to 4” O.D. and allows it to make square cuts with plus or minus 1/16” accuracy. Operating on 90 psi air, this saw has a 3 HP motor, includes a standard grease fitting, safety throttle handle and relief valve and uses either 10” or 12” fiberglass reinforced abrasive blades. The fiberglass-reinforced blades are capable of cutting stainless steel, inconel, and other hard materials. Other brackets are available for structures up to 60” O.D.
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Power plant

FuelCell Energy’s Direct FuelCell 1500MA (DFC1500MA) produces 1.2 MW of power with an electrical power generation efficiency of 47 percent and an overall cogeneration efficiency of up to 80 percent. The DFC1500MA can operate on biofuels in addition to commonly available fuels such as natural gas, ethanol, diesel and coal gas. The plant has obtained Rule 21 (“Simplified Interconnect”) certification.
FuelCell Energy Inc.
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Compression packing

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Garlock Sealing Technologies released its compression packing for the power generation industry. Garlock compression packing creates seals for valves and rotary shaft applications.
Garlock’s application specific valve sealing options are designed to limit valve stem friction, reduce valve actuator force, minimize emissions and reduce energy and maintenance costs. The 9000 EVSP simplified set combines high-purity carbon end rings with die-formed GRAPH-LOCK sealing rings of varying angles and densities.
For condensate and boiler feed applications, the patented cup & cone rings of Garlock’s DSA pump packing expand radially to form a positive seal against both shaft and box bore.
Garlock Sealing Technologies
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Engine pre-heating system

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A new coolant pre-heating system is available from Kim Hotstart designed to heat engines ranging in size from 15L to 100L. The pump-driven CSM offers uniform heating throughout the entire engine. The heater is UL listed to United States and Canadian safety standards with CE compliant models available.
The CSM is a turnkey system that includes all required controls and a 10GPM circulating pump and features a low-watt density heating element and adjustable thermostat with optional temperature settings.
The unit is available in 3KW, 6KW, 9KW and 12KW with all standard voltage ratings in 50Hz or 60Hz. CSM pre- heaters meet requirements for installation on any UL 2200 listed generator set
Kim Hotstart Manufacturing Co.
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Potentiometric titrator

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JM Science’s new Potentiometric Titrator (COM-1600) features a large color graphics liquid crystal display. GLP functions are designed to enhance the storage and processing of results and process large numbers of samples when configured with the automation option.
A large color LCD displays real-time titration curves and differential curves to show reaction tendencies. Measurement with half of the sample volume is possible by using sample vessels and electrode holders that are designed for small amounts of samples.
Buret precision tests and electrode calibration slope measurements contribute to titration results. Useful functions for maintenance such as electrode information display and reagent remaining volume indicator are also provided. The titration results and titration conditions including titration/differential curve data can also be downloaded to a laptop or PC for recalculation, storage, or reprocessing.
JM Science
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Powered lifter

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Southworth Products Corp introduced the Dandy Lift lifter with a battery-powered lift mechanism. The Dandy Lift lifts and lowers at the touch of a button and runs on a 24-volt battery. The Powered Dandy Lift is available in five models with capacities from 220 to 500 lbs., table sizes of 20” x 31.5” and 24” x 36”, and raised heights to 51”. Other features include a battery status indicator and onboard charger, full shielding of all electrical components, smooth-rolling casters, parking locks, and a comfort-shaped handle. A high-speed linear actuator provides precise positioning.
Southworth Products Corp.
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Insulated electrical tools

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Stanley Proto has introduced a new line of electricians’ tools that are designed to help protect users from shock when working on live circuits. The company’s 1000-Volt Insulated Tool Line totals over 350 individual SKUs and includes screwdrivers, pliers, cutting tools, wrenches, drive tools, and keys, and insulated gloves. The tools are identifiable by their thick layer of orange plastic insulation, which is designed to help protect users from shock when working on live circuits of up to 1000 volts AC and 1500 volts DC.
The tools come in two grades. The VE Series tools are designed for craftsmen who install and maintain standard electrical equipment and wiring, such as that found in buildings. These tools combine ergonomic design and ease of use with the safety requirements needed for working on or near live components. The VSE Series tools are for use around the highest live voltages, such as those found in electrical power plants. Tools in this series are wrapped with two layers of insulation: the visible orange top layer and an underlying yellow layer, designed to alert the user that it is time to replace the tool. The tools have large guards to help keep hands clear of the non-insulated parts of the tool. Every VSE tool carries approval marking and year and week of insulation hot marked into the tool for traceability.
Tools in both classes are individually tested and checked before being shipped. They can be purchased individually or in sets. Customers can order master sets, drive tool & socket sets, as well as screwdriver and pliers sets.
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Terex launched a new generator that makes power output available in three or single-phase voltages. The new Terex T360 Super Quiet Generator is powered by a 426-hp Cummins diesel engine, and offers Tier 3 compliance. The Cummins engine offers reduced emissions and is electronically controlled to provide frequency regulation to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.25 percent.
The T360 offers 360 kilovolt amps of electrical output. It comes standard with a permanent magnet generator (PMG) for changes in loads. The fuel capacity on the T360 offers operators 24 hours of continuous operation on one tank of fuel.
The Terex T360 includes a Murphy Cascade controller and large analog gauges to monitor electrical loads and engine performance.
The distribution panel on the T360 includes a five-lug distribution board, single-phase convenience receptacles and optional cam lock-style connectors. The three-phase voltages on the unit include 208 / 220 / 240 / 440 / 480, and the single-phase voltages are 120 / 240.
Automatic start/stop is also standard on The Terex T360. All high-voltage electrical interfaces are safety interlocked.
The base of the T360 is designed to provide 110 percent containment of all on-board fluids, including fuel, coolant and oil. The cabinet is designed to reduce noise and water ingress, and the angled plenum design increases cooling capacity and reduces the overall weight of the generator. Detachable front panels, large engine bay doors and removable rear louver panel allow for access to the radiator, muffler, engine and generator for ease of service.
Terex Super Quiet Generators are distributed by Genie Industries.
Genie Industries
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Self-test verifier

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Transtar Products announced its new generator self-test verifier, a UL/CA approved product designed to evaluate and report results of the regular exercise process undergone by emergency power generators.
In addition to the functions of the original GSV, the GSV300 features an LCD display that provides details about critical system tests such as exercise failure, generator start failure, runaway (generator does not shut off properly when power returns), as well as reminders to replace the battery and change the oil.
The GSV300 also provides information on voltage and frequency while the generator is running. Information on total run time, countdown to the next exercise cycle and the number of good and bad runs is also provided. The GSV300 includes four alarm outputs for interfacing with security systems. The unit is field programmable and will work on low run RPM machines.
Transtar Products
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Power buggies

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The Whiteman WBH-16 Series concrete and material handling power buggies from Multiquip have a 16-cubic-foot capacity. The WBH-16 series, which is powered by a 13-HP Honda engine, comes with recoil and electric start (WBH-16E). The WBH-16EAWD all wheel drive model is powered by 18-HP Vanguard engine. These buggies feature a 5.5-gallon fuel tank and a 6-inch dump height. All buggies transport up to 2,500 lbs. on dual wheels, 1,000 lbs. on single wheels, and they meet the ASME standard.
Each unit’s full hydrostatic drive system operates with a unique tub design. In addition, these buggies include a polyethylene bucket, multiple lift points, a fully hydraulic dump that can be controlled by a hand lever or foot pedal and removable tires for narrow work areas. Foam-filled tires are also available.
Multiquip Inc.
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Electric wire rope hoist

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Konecranes offers the CXT1 electric wire rope hoist designed to meet a broad range of industrial lifting applications. CXT1 electric wire rope hoists are manufactured for one and two ton lifting applications.
The CXT1 is designed to replace existing bridge cranes, jibs and monorail applications or to be installed in new one and two ton single girder top and under running industrial bridge cranes.
Konecranes CXT1 hoists are designed with large diameter drums and true lift reeving. The hoisting duty-rated lifting motor of the CXT1 comes standard with class-F insulation, 60% effective-duty rating, a heavy-duty DC hoist brake, and two-speed operation of the hoist and trolley. It provides a 6:1 hoist motor speed ratio and features a near true vertical lift.
The CXT1 comes standard with a close headroom motorized two-speed trolley with a disc brake, solo hoisting controls (mainline contactor and control transformer), and a two motion pendant with an emergency stop button.
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Welding end prep tools

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A pneumatic clamping option for their right angle welding end prep tools that provides instant attach-and-release for high-volume, repetitive end prep applications is available from ESCO Tool.
The Millhog Air Clamp is an air-operated cylinder that fits the firm’s small diameter welding end prep tools for use on tube and pipe up to three inches I.D. Featuring a self-centering draw rod that rigidly mounts into the tube or pipe I.D., the clamping mechanism employs clamp ribs that retract off the mandrel automatically.
The Millhog Air Clamp fits the Ground-, Tube Weasel-, and Wart Millhog end prep tools which can bevel, face, and bore tubes simultaneously, and can be used at any orientation. The Millhog Air Clamp can be retrofit by the customer to existing tools.
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Web-based solar-siting tool

3TIER launched Firstlook Solar Assessment, a web-based tool designed to help developers discover potential solar project sites. Firstlook Solar provides developers with instant access to the National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB) and relays the relevant technical data.
The dataset is based on satellite observations at a ten-kilometer resolution over the contiguous United States. This data set is part of the NSRDB developed and distributed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The online tool gives users a value for the annual average direct normal, global horizontal and diffuse irradiance. The Firstlook Solar Assessment report gives users the values for monthly solar irradiance, diurnal variability and hourly distribution information as well as a data file with the complete hourly time series of global horizontal, direct and diffuse irradiance values for the period 1998-2005. The solar zenith and azimuth angles to each hourly value are also included to facilitate further analysis.
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Wireless data logger

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Dickson’s Wireless Wizard wireless data logger is now available to diesel power, nuclear power, hydropower and other power engineers needing to monitor temperature and/or humidity. Dickson’s Wireless Wizard data loggers can be monitored in real-time from a desktop PC or other computer workstation.
Dickson Wireless Wizard includes real-time alarms for out-of-range conditions right at users’ workstations and up to nine-day data backup storage with failsafe Dickson Data-Keep.
Software manages all loggers from one desktop and changes sampling rates, alarms, data display options, wireless network configuration and data transmission frequency. The logger provides a graphical display of real-time temperature and humidity data and shows min/max and current conditions, battery level etc.
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Adjustable frequency drive

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Yaskawa introduces the V1000 adjustable frequency drive. The V1000 provides side-by-side mounting capability, which allows for multiple drives to be monitored and maintained from a single enclosure and provides motor control systems with an increased responsiveness and improved energy efficiency.
The V1000 offers variable horsepower and torque. At the high end, it offers 25 hp. On the low end it offers a mere 1/8 hp. The unit also features a two-millisecond scan cycle. Its software and download abilities allow users to control all aspects of the drive’s functionality and often eliminate the need for a programmable logic controller (PLC). Users can implement the V1000’s program into their system using software and an optional Yaskawa “Y” stick. The “Y” stick serves as a jump drive that allows users to easily load new operational instructions from a user’s computer to all V1000 drives located throughout a facility. Yaskawa also provides on-site training.
Each drive is installed with a removable terminal board with memory and has full data maintenance monitors to ensure any deviation in electrical parameters is adjusted before a variance in speed can occur.
Yaskawa added a safety input EN954-1 Safety Category 3 and Stop Category to the V1000. Environmental standards for the V1000 are in compliance with the RoHS standards.
Yaskawa Electric Corp.
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Metal knobs

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Jergens Inc. offers a large inventory of metal knobs for clamping, fastening, operating control, and other applications. Materials include cast iron, steel and aluminum. Jergens also offers metal knobs with reamed holes, tapped holes or blanks as part of their large standard inventory but knobs can be modified per customer requirements in a relatively short time frame. Types include speed handles, knurled control knobs, four-prong knobs, palm grip knobs and speed bar knobs.
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