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RWE Npower to build tidal power plant off UK coast

11 February 2008 – RWE Npower said it was working with Bristol-based Marine Current Turbines to deliver a tidal ‘farm’, capable of generating power from the sea’s tidal current, off the coast of north Wales in the UK.

The project, off the north-west coast of Anglesey, could be completed by 2011, subject to planning consent, supplying enough power for up to 6000 homes. Studies will begin soon and last the rest of the year, with a planning application likely to be submitted in mid-2009.

Paul Cowling, managing director of Npower Renewables, said: “We are convinced that this is a technology with the potential to make a valuable contribution to UK renewable energy supplies, and the battle against climate change.”

Martin Wright, managing director of Marine Current Turbines, said the scheme was a significant step in commercialising technology involved in tidal energy and could open up opportunities across the world.

The scheme will be in an area of open sea known as the Skerries and will have seven turbines, each likely to stand 29ft 6in (9m) above sea level.