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Luminant details emission plan for two coal-fired plants

5 February 2008 — Luminant said its Martin Lake plant will install in-duct selective catalytic reduction systems at each of its units and that its Monticello plant will install selective non-catalytic reduction systems at each of its units for nitrogen oxide (NOX) reduction. One unit at Monticello will also have its low-NOX burner technology improved to further reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Both plants will use activated carbon injection for mercury reduction and increase use of lower-sulfur coal to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. In addition, both plants will use coal-cleaning technology to reduce both sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions.

The upgrades are part of Luminant’s $1 billion plan to install new technology to offset 100 percent of key emissions from new coal power plants and to lower coal-fueled key emissions to 20 percent below 2005 levels.

Martin Lake and Monticello have previously made voluntary emission reductions. An announcement of the company’s complete emissions reduction plan is expected in the coming days.