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Dominion proposes coal to natural gas retrofit

4 February 2008 — Dominion is proposing to convert its 240 MW Bremo Power Station from coal to natural gas. Dominion said its proposal to convert Bremo from coal to natural gas is possible only by having new coal-fired generation from its proposed 585 MW Virginia City plant available. Virginia City would burn a variety of coals, including waste coal, or “gob.” It is also designed to use up to 20 percent biomass as fuel. Dominion said converting Bremo without Virginia City is not a realistic option.

Dominion said there would be “large net reductions” in emissions of sulfur dioxide and mercury if the Virginia City station were built and if the two Bremo units are converted. Emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and particulates from Bremo also would be reduced.

These reductions would be in addition to Dominion’s efforts already under way in Virginia to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury from existing stations by 75 to 85 percent by 2015.

Bremo is Dominion’s oldest coal-fired power station in Virginia. The station entered service in 1931. The two units now in use were put into service in 1950 and 1958.