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Issue 2 and Volume 112.


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Multiquip’s new InstaPrime pumps are designed for moving large quantities of water quickly and efficiently in a diverse range of applications, particularly in dewatering, sludge, sewer-by-pass and well point applications.

The InstaPrime Series moves up to 5000 gallons per minute in model sizes ranging from six to 12 inches.

One of the InstaPrime’s new features is a patented screw-type impeller for increased flow. Each pump is fitted with a 148-gallon fuel tank for extended continuous run times of up to 100 hours.

Powered by 40-96 horsepower Deutz diesel engines, the high-flow InstaPrime pumps showcase heads of up to 143 feet and can generate lift of 30 feet in only 30 seconds. Each also handles solids up to 3.6 inches. Pump and priming system drain valves eliminate the risk of water freezing in the unit and a water lube vacuum pump prevents oil leaks and other unwanted priming discharge.

Available accessories include suction hoses, quick disconnect fittings and discharge hoses.

Portable low-pressure calibrator

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The United Instruments’ portable low-pressure calibrator (LPC) calibrates pressure sensors in the field. The portable LPC is designed for in-situ fieldwork. The LPC is useful for both burner and power management, which includes boiler systems, HVAC, and air handling. The LPC is able to measure and control true closed loop differential pressure measurements on all draft pressure transmitters.

The LPC is able to generate and measure pressure in the low water range, and control to better than ±0.003 inches of water. No hand pump or external air required. The Auto-Zero function helps deter drift over time. The lid divider offers a place to store items such as RS232 communications cable, AC line cord cable, and tubing. Battery life for the portable LPC is approximately six hours. This is achieved from rechargeable NiMH batteries. The portable LPC is upgradeable to existing LPC customers.

Beamex offers a driver for their portable MC5 multifunction calibrator to communicate to the LPC, thus providing access to their automated calibration documentation software, CMX. The LPC is NIST traceable.

Surge protection devices

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Raycap Inc. has developed surge protection devices (SPDs) that provide continuous protection from over-voltage and other transient voltage activity for electronic automation and control equipment.

Raycap’s Strikesorb SPD modules are available in a variety of application-specific voltages and packaging configurations to protect highly sensitive equipment and electronics. The Strikesorb modules meet the international IEC 61643-1 standard and the revised 2007 UL-1449 standard without the use of fuses.

Strikesorb modules have successfully passed 3-cycle testing at available short circuit currents of up to 85kA rms, and can be integrated within panelboards, switchboards, switchgear, automation and motion control centers without conducting additional UL testing.

Strikesorb modules are comprised of a single large distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc in a hermetic aluminum housing that provides uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the MOV protection element. This results in a high-energy handling capability combined with ultra-low let-through voltage to the automation and control equipment.