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Coal-to-gas plant planned for Wyoming

28 January 2008 — Peabody Energy and GasPoint Energy announced plans to build more than one coal-to-natural gas facility in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. Although the project does not include an electrical generation component, it will likely include carbon capture and sequestration.

As one of the largest producers of domestic natural gas, Wyoming is actively pushing for more pipeline infrastructure to outside markets.

GreatPoint Energy is commercializing its proprietary bluegas technology, which converts coal, petroleum coke and biomass into a gas that is 99.5 percent pure methane, according to the company. The product meets pipeline quality requirements and the gasification process provides an opportunity for carbon capture and storage.

Peabody owns and operates three coal mines in the basin: North Antelope Rochelle, Caballo and Rawhide. In 2007, the mines produced an estimated 89.1 million tons, 30 million tons and 16 million tons respectively.

Meanwhile, PacifiCorp and the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority last week said that the market and policy conditions currently do not exist to establish even a demonstration-sized IGCC plant in Wyoming.