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UK nuclear decision rekindles German phase-out debate

14 January 2008 – The UK government’s commitment to further use of nuclear energy has revived the debate in Germany on the planned phase-out of nuclear power, according to Die Welt.

Bavaria’s Minister-President Guenther Beckstein, of the Christian Social Union, has argued for “reviewing the phase-out of nuclear energy decided in the nuclear consensus and extending the remaining lifetimes of the nuclear power plants”.

But the operators should be obligated to invest in renewable energies some of the profits from the extension of lifetimes, he said.

Politicians of the Union (the Chrisitan Social Union, Christian Democratic Union and the Free Democratic Party) also spoke in favour of longer use of nuclear power.

But Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (Social Democratic Party) said he saw “no grounds” in the decisions to deviate from the German path of phasing out nuclear power.