Renewables, Solar

Schott Solar to build $100 mn solar plant

14 January 2008 — Schott AG said it will build a $100 million solar energy technology production plant in Albuquerque, NM. Initially, the site will make receivers for concentrated solar thermal power plants and 64 MW of photovoltaic modules. The PV modules produced at the new facility will use ISO texture technology, which creates a new surface structure via a wet-chemical process.

The facility is designed to support expansion of both its PV and its solar receiver lines and should begin production in 2009.

14 January 2008 — Pacific Gas and Electric Co. launched PG&E PowerPathway – a workforce development program aimed at recruiting and training skilled craftworkers and technicians. Developed with local community colleges, Job Corps, and local governments, the program will prepare individuals for careers in the energy sector and provide PG&E with a supply of skilled employees.

Through the program, PG&E will hire utility workers and apprentice lineworkers, apprentice electrical technicians, apprentice instrument technicians, apprentice welders, and equipment/field mechanics.

PG&E is also partnering with local workforce investment boards and community-based organizations with a role in economic development to find case-manage potential PowerPathway applicants.

The PowerPathway program brings candidates into the company to position them for PG&E’s current apprentice lineworker program, started in 2001.