GE’s renewables investment to double to $6bn by 2010

14 January 2008 – GE believes that within two years alternative energy sources will account for almost a quarter of its total investments in energy and water, up from 10 per cent in 2006.

One reason is that large price spikes in energy fade with the elimination of fossil fuels as a source of energy, the Associated Press reports. “There are no fuel costs with wind and solar, no volatility,” said Kevin Walsh, managing director and leader of renewable energy at GE Energy Financial Services.

GE Energy Financial Services set a $4bn target last May, but recently crossed the $3bn threshold, according to the AP article. GE’s most active investments are in wind energy.

GE Energy Financial Services has raised its 2010 renewable energy investing target by 50 percent to $6 billion, and has just topped $3 billion by investing in four US wind farms shown on this map. (Graphic: Business Wire)