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16 coal-fired power plant proposals scrapped

Plans for constructing 16 coal-fired power plants around the country have been scrapped and three dozen more face delays, all as a result of uncertain construction costs and emissions regulations issues.

According to a report by the US Department of Energy (DOE), eight coal-fired plants have been cancelled since May. That was on top of the eight plants that were slated for construction in Texas earlier this year. Combined, the sixteen plants would have produced 13,684 MW of power. The DOE also said that an additional 32,000 MW of coal-generated power plants were being delayed.

Utilities’ plans were also stymied by rising material costs and shortages of skilled construction labor

The DOE says that 121 power plant proposals are still viable, but since 2002, only 15 plants were built that produce only 3,700 MW of total combined power.