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ScottishPower wave farm project gets go-ahead

1 October 2007 – ScottishPower has been granted planning permission by Scottish ministers to build what will be the world’s largest wind farm off the coast of Orkney.

Its four 500ft wave energy converters will be capable of producing enough electricity to power 3000 homes.

The £10m ($20.4m) scheme – the UK’s first commercial wave farm – is expected to be in operation next year. Experts say that enough wave energy reaches every metre of Scottish coastline to power 100 homes.

The go-ahead was announced by Alex Salmond, the First Minister, as he opened the European Tidal Test Centre at Billia Croo on Orkney, where wave and tidal generation schemes are being tested.

Mr Salmond said: “Our natural resources mean we can be a world leader in new wave and tidal energy technologies. The Scottish Government will support these new technologies, wherever possible, increasing sustainable economic growth and helping tackle climate change.”