Issue 10 and Volume 111.

Valves/Valve Assemblies

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A-T Controls has introduced FM-approved valves and valve assemblies for liquid and gas shutoff. Approved to FM class 7400, 7420 and 7422, the A-T shut-off assemblies provide action on shut-off needs with next-day delivery and quarter-turn actuation. The A-T units feature a spring-return automated ball valve, explosion-proof limit switch and solenoid pilot valve, quarter-turn rack-and-pinion actuator design, valve seating and stem seal system. The valves are available in three-piece or flanged models, 316SS or WCB trim, and ½ inch to 6-inch sizes. The three-piece valves offer choice of threaded, socket weld or butt weld end connections, while flanged valves are available in 150# or 300# flange rating. Assemblies can be ordered with manual safety cocks or automated safety shut-off valves. Solenoids are approved for waterproof as well as explosion-proof environments. All the valves feature A-T Control’s pyramidal stem seal system. The live-loaded packing system features a 45-degree pyramidal stem and stem seal with Belleville washers and chevron packing.
A-T Controls

Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

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GE Analytical Instruments has introduced its newest line of Sievers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers. The Sievers 500 RL is a reagentless online TOC analyzer suitable for sensitive, continuous monitoring of the purified power plant makeup waters. It offers a 0.03 parts per billion (ppb) limit of detection and autozero capabilities. The wall-mounted Sievers 900 On-Line and 900 Portable TOC analyzers can be used in the rest of the water and steam loop and comes in an IP-45 rated enclosure. The Sievers 900 Portable TOC analyzer can be used for monitoring or for measuring discreet grab samples. Sievers TOC analyzers require no external gasses or reagents, and feature 12-month calibration stability, a color touch-screen display and USB ports. Sievers TOC analyzers utilize ASTM-approved methods.
GE Analytical Instruments

Mechanical Vibration Switch

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The new Model 685A07 Mechanical Vibration Switch from the IMI Sensors Division of PCB Piezotronics (PCB) provides a solution for continuous vibration monitoring. This product comes standard with an external pushbutton reset and does not require power to operate. The switch uses a spring-loaded, magnetically coupled sensor, which can be externally adjusted for higher or lower sensitivity. This technology is effective on cooling towers, fans, small motors, pumps or any installation requiring immediate shutdown when increased vibration levels are present. CSA certified explosion-proof versions with identical features are also available.
IMI Sensors (Division of PCB Piezotronics)

Outdoor Wireless Technology

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MOXA has introduced its new outdoor multipurpose wireless technology: the AWK-1200 series. This product is housed in a rugged IP68/67 certified weatherproof enclosure. Compliant with IEEE802.11 g/b, the AWK-1200 is available in two different models: the industrial IEEE802.11g/b wireless Access Point/Bridge and the industrial AP Client. Flexible deployment can be achieved by the IEEE802.3af PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) without the need of electrical work in outdoor environments. The AWK-1200 has a detachable antenna design to extend any special-purpose signal coverage for outdoor applications. Two kinds of antenna are offered. The AN+T-1-D-12 is a directional antenna type with 12 dBi gain, and the ANT-1-O-09 is an omni-directional antenna type with 9 dBi gain. The AWK-1200 also has a temperature operation from -20 C to 700 C. Wireless security is enhanced using WEP, WPA/WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and IEEE802.1X authentication.

Pressure Sensors

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Red Valve’s pressure sensors are now available with digital instrumentation. This allows direct mounting of gauges, pressure switches and transmitters for either digital reading or remote control. The pressure sensor can be battery, loop or voltage powered. With this product, users can control pressure monitoring, pump control and digital input to a PLC, computer or system controller.
Red Valve Co. Inc.

Abrasive Wheel

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Rex-Cut Products Inc. has introduced an all-purpose, flexible mesh abrasive wheel for the grinding and light sanding of fiberglass tanks, vessels, hulls and composite structures. Sigma-Screen Multipurpose Discs are depressed center Type 27 abrasive wheels that feature a blend of zirconia-ceramic abrasive grains bonded to a flexible mesh. They are chatter-free, won’t clog and available in coarse, medium, fine and very fine grades. The wheels are also offered in a test kit featuring two-each of coarse, medium, fine and very fine for evaluation. These 4.5-inch-diameter wheels can be stacked on a grinder for longer life. They are also effective for stainless steel, metals, aluminum and wood.
Rex-Cut Products Inc.