Babcock Power to upgrade boiler components for Tampa Electric

Babcock Power Services, located in Worcester, MA, a subsidiary of Babcock Power Inc. based in Danvers, MA, announced that it recently received multiple contracts from Tampa Electric Company for the complete replacement of furnace waterwalls, floor tubes and firing systems for Unit 3 of their Big Bend Power Plant.

The steam generator for Unit 3 is a Riley Power single drum radiant Turbo(R) Furnace boiler and is fired with bituminous coal and petroleum coke. During the fall 2007 outage, Boiler Tube Company of America (BTA), will replace furnace walls, including nose arch and screen walls where the transition tubes have been redesigned to minimize tube spacing and reduce exposure to high gas temperatures, and replace existing carbon steel smooth bore tubing with alloy rifle tubing. The tubing will be enhanced with a 309L spiral wound overlay utilizing BTA’s patented weld overlay process to enhance the tubes’ resistance to erosion and corrosion. In addition, the existing firing systems will be replaced with Riley Power’s latest Directional Flame (DF) Burners and wind boxes, specifically designed for the Turbo Furnace. Riley Power and BTA are part of the Babcock Power Services group of companies.