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Iran to increase its wind power generation to 500 MW by 2010

22 August 2007 – Iran has announced plans to build new wind power plants to increase its electricity generating capacity from wind power to 500 MW by 2010.

According to Yousef Armoudeli, the managing director of Iran New Energies Organization, this is based on the target set in the fourth Five-Year Development Plan (2005-2010) Law.

Armoudeli said over 35 000 MW of electricity is currently generated by wind power plants, with 75 per cent of electricity produced in the country generated by wind farms in Manjil, which is in the northern Gilan province.

Approximately 100 turbines are currently operating in Manjil wind power plants and wind farms. There is also a wind power plant in Mashhad’s Binaloud in the northeastern Khorasan Razavi province.

Armoudeli pledged that the capacities of both Binaloud and Manjil power plants would be increased by the year to March 2009, reaching 28 MW and 100 MW, respectively.

He previously disclosed that the country plans to build the first privately funded wind farm, which will have the capacity to generate 200 MW of electricity.

According to a news report in the Iran Daily, a contract has been signed between the Iran New Energies Organization and private investors on the construction of a wind farm.