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India aims to generate 200 GW from nuclear FBR by 2050

20 July 2007 – India will generate 200 GW of nuclear power by the middle of the century using fast breeder reactors but the entry of private players into the field will require the amendment of the Atomic Energy Act, a top official has said.

“India will generate 200GW of nuclear energy by the middle of the century and most of it would be by fast breeder reactors,” S.K. Malhotra, head of public awareness division of the Department of Atomic Energy, told reporters after inaugurating a workshop on “Nuclear Energy for National Development and Environmental Sustainability”.

He said an atomic research centre would be set up in Visakhapattinam by the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre. On the entry of private players into the field of nuclear energy, Malhotra said this is possible only after the Atomic Energy Act is amended.
On agricultural research using isotopes, Malhotra said that 29 crop varieties were under various stages of study with the thrust on pulses and oil seeds.

Chairman of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board S.K. Sharma said the board was monitoring hospitals and industries using radiation technology to ensure they were adhering to the safety code. He said the Kudankulam nuclear power project in Tamil Nadu is better than third generation reactors with innovative safety features.

According to Sharma, use of nuclear energy in the country was growing with good safety standards.