Nuclear, Wind

E.ON UK chief applauds London’s nuclear plant planning proposals

22 May 2007 – Dr Paul Golby, chief executive of E.ON UK, has welcomed the UK government’s Planning White Paper and said that it would smooth the process for building new power stations and renewable schemes.

E.ON’s UK investment plans call for £3bn to be spent on such new assets as coal- and gas-fired power stations, as well as dozens of new onshore and offshore wind farms, many of which have been held up in planning for years.

“Simply put, if we want to make sure that we can build the new power stations and wind farms that we need to ensure the lights stay on and reduce carbon emissions, we have to have a planning framework that allows us to do that in a timely manner,” said Dr Golby.

“The situation is especially pertinent for next generation nuclear power stations and for onshore wind farms, where some of our schemes have been held up in planning for literally years.

“And, with the next generation of nuclear power stations, we simply can’t afford to have the delays that we saw with Sizewell B.

“We will have to act swiftly and decisively to ensure that the UK’s lights stay on, that homes remain warm and that our carbon emissions are reduced and this White Paper is an excellent start.

“To achieve that, the new planning rules must be in place by 2009 at the latest to ensure that we can invest in the right projects at the right time