Iberdrola begins construction of two wind farms in France

11 April 2007 – Spanish utility Iberdrola has started the construction of two wind farms in France, and has announced plans to build four more in the region before the end of 2007.

The plans are part of Iberdrola’s aim to have 7000 MW of renewable energy projects operational in 2009, of which 1450 MW will be located abroad.

The two farms currently being constructed are the Courcelles wind farm located in Aude and the Laneuville wind farm located in the same province. The Courcelles facility will have a total generation capacity of 11.5 MW, while the Laneuville farm will have 10 MW of generation capacity.

Iberdrola has revealed that the other four installations will be Boulay Nord and Boulay Sud in the Moselle district and the Stenay facility in the Meuse district, each of which will have a total capacity of 10 MW, as well as the Amelecourt farm in the Moselle district, which will have a total capacity of 11.5 MW.

Iberdrola commented that the planned facilities would add to the five wind farms that the company already operates in France. These farms have a total capacity of 43.4MW. Iberdrola said that the majority of these projects, which are managed through its Iberdrola Energies Renouvelables subsidiary, are the result of the company’s 2006 purchase of Perfect Wind, which has a pipeline totalling 600 MW.

In a press release, Iberdrola said that the company’s plans in France are framed within its international expansion in the renewable energies area. In total, the company has 440 MW of wind generation capacity outside of Spain, distributed among Greece, Brazil, France, Portugal, Poland, the US and Germany.