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E.ON UK to construct 1275 MW combined heat and power station

29 March 2007 – E.ON UK, the company that runs Powergen, has announced it has signed a deal with National Grid’s Grain LNG terminal that will make its £500m ($982m) 1275MW new power station into one of the world’s largest combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

The company has also announced that the new Grain power station will be built under a turnkey contract by Alstom. Work will start at Grain in May this year, with commissioning expected late in 2009.

The station will be powered by three high efficiency Alstom GT26 gas turbines and will export up to 340 MW of ‘waste’ heat to National Grid’s nearby LNG terminal.

The innovative CHP scheme, believed to be the first of its kind, will result in a reduction of up to 350 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from the LNG Terminal every year. An additional environmental benefit of the scheme will also see a reduction in the amount of heat discharged to the River Medway.

By doing this, E.ON UK will become the first utility company to successfully build major new generation (with CHP) in line with the UK government’s recently revised consent guidelines.