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Belarus plans to invest $1.3bn in generation in 2007

21 March 2007 – Belarus plans to invest about $1.3bn in 2007 in a state programme to upgrade generation infrastructure and implement energy saving measures.

The energy ministry said that $477m is to be provided to modernize energy generating facilities and over $790 million for energy conservation. The large-scale Lukomlskaya and Berezovskaya regional electric plants will be reconstructed in 2007.

The reconstruction of the fifth power generating unit will continue at the Berezovskaya plant. The plan for 2007 also includes projects to refurbish the Minsk TETs-3 thermal power plant with the installation of a vapour-gas 230 MW unit, and the construction of a 25 MW gas turbine and a waste heat recovery boiler at the Lida thermal power plant.

The modernization of the Grodno TETS-2 thermal power plant, and of the Vitebsk thermal power plant are also included in the programme. The plan provides for building power plants using locally produced fuel.