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Southern Illinois Power Co-op to replace turbine controls

14 February 2007 — Emerson Process Management has received a contract to replace the existing turbine control system for Unit 1-2-3 at Marion Generating Station.

The site is in southeast Illinois and consists of six units owned by Southern Illinois Power Cooperative Inc. (SIPC). Included are Unit 4, a 173-MW coal-fired plant; Unit 1-2-3, a 120-MW coal-fired plant; as well as two 73-MW combustion turbines.

Under the contract, Emerson will install its Ovation turbine control system to replace existing turbine controls. Emerson said SIPC has had a number of plant trips and the old system may have had a factor in causing them.

Emerson’s Power & Water Solutions industry center will perform the installation during a scheduled spring 2007 outage. Unit 1-2-3, which began producing power in 1963, originally consisted of three separate 33-MW units. In the 1990s, these units were refurbished and existing boilers were replaced with one circulating fluidized bed boiler.