Wind power may come to southern Thailand

13 February 2007 – Three Thai energy companies and a Japanese operator are teaming up to pioneer a 1.8 bn baht ($54m) wind-power project in southern Thailand.

The three Thai participants are PTT Plc, Electricity Generating Plc (Egco), Wind Energy Generating Co (Wegco). They will join with Eurus Energy Japan Corp, the largest wind-power company in Japan, which is 60 per cent owned by Tokyo Electric Company (Tepco).

The four parties are scheduled to sign a memorandum of understanding on Feb 19 to collaborate in developing the project with a capacity of up to 35 MW, Southern Thailand was chosen as the location because it has higher winds than other regions of the country.

The participants plan a detailed feasibility study as a follow-up to a preliminary report done by an independent wind power consultant from Denmark, which indicated good potential.

The study will take about 18 months to complete and if the venture goes ahead, the country’s first wind farm could be operational two years after that. The total project cost, if fully completed, is estimated at 1.8 bn baht.

According to Egco president Visit Akaravinak, the area between Songkhla and Nakhon Si Thammarat is considered the prime location for the project.