M+W Zander to build First Solar’s factory in Frankfurt/Oder

15 December 2006 — M+W Zander FE GmbH, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has received a new contract from the photovoltaic industry. First Solar Manufacturing GmbH, a subsidiary company of the US Group First Solar (Phoenix/Arizona), has commissioned the Stuttgart technology group as General Contractor to design and build its new factory in Frankfurt/Oder for manufacturing solar modules.

The volume of the order is measured in the high double-digit million euros and includes turnkey handover of the building complex, installation of machinery and hook-up to utilities.

The project has an extremely tight schedule to enable start-up to be completed as soon as possible. Excavation already commenced at the end of April. Construction work on the factory building had progressed so far after six months that M+W Zander was in a position to start hook-up of the advanced systems at the end of October. The first solar factory in Frankfurt/Oder is to have an effective area of some 41,000 square meters. After production starts up in mid-2007, the facility will have a nominal capacity of 100 MW.

First Solar produces solar modules using an advanced thin-film semiconductor process that lowers the costs of solar power.