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Major contract awarded for power plant with seawater desalination

21 November 2006 — The KSB Group will supply a total of 43 pumps for the Huaneng Yingkou Power Station expansion project in the People’s Republic of China.

Located at the Gulf of Liaodong in the province of Liaoning, the Huaneng Yingkou power plant is part of a special economic development zone. It is the first so-called supercritical power station in China providing a generation capacity of 600 MW. This particular type of power plant is capable of achieving the maximum efficiency currently possible. The order, amounting to several million euros, includes the supply of power station pumps and a number of specially designed corrosion-resistant pumps. These are destined for use in the seawater desalination plant that is currently under construction and set to produce the fresh water needed for the power plant’s circuits.

Reverse osmosis is the method applied in this new desalination plant. In this physical separation process high-pressure pumps generate a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure and pump the seawater along a membrane. While part of the water penetrates the membrane and is removed downstream as desalinated water, the salt remains in the fluid upstream of the membrane. Pressures ranging from 60 to 90 bar are required to desalinate seawater when applying this method.