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Clyde Bergemann wins two boiler cleaning control contracts for US plants

21 November 2006 — Babcock Hitachi Ltd. has awarded Clyde Bergemann, Inc. the contract to supply the boiler cleaning control system for their two 600 MW each boilers for Wisconsin Electric’s Elm Road Project in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, US. This system will control all on-load boiler cleaning devices including retractable sootblowers and wallblowers supplied by Clyde Bergemann on a contract issued last year.

Clyde Bergemann, Inc. also has received a contract from IHI to supply the on-load boiler cleaning systems for their new 665 MW boiler for LS Power’s Plum Point Station, Osceola, Arkansas, US. The system includes retractable sootblowers and the SmartCannon furnace cleaning system with tube life extension features.

The furnace cleaning system incorporates direct measurement of slag accumulation integrated in a closed loop control system, which provides targeted cleaning of only the areas, that require cleaning. This feature maximizes heat transfer while controlling tube wastage.