Telvent to upgrade Romania’s electricity distribution network

8 November 2006 — Telvent GIT S.A. has signed a contract to supply eight control centers and automate more than 40 electricity substations for the Romanian electric company SC Electrica SA. The project is worth approximately 1 million euros.

Telvent will undertake the project in collaboration with SC Energobit SRL, a local technology partner in the Romanian electricity market since 2004. As a result of this relationship, Telvent’s technology in tele-control systems is becoming more prevalent in the electricity market in this country.

“Romania is a country that enjoys strong economic growth and is making significant investments in the renewal of its electrical infrastructures, including new electricity lines and substations. This agreement strengthens our position in this emerging market, which will become part of the European Union in 2007, while, at the same time, contributing to our expansion strategy in Western Europe,” said Manuel Sánchez Ortega, Telvent’s chairman and chief executive officer.

Telvent will use its current OASyS DNA Control and Acquisition technology at the control centers and electricity substations. This technology allows for the combination of current tools, new custom-made applications and different control systems, enabling information to be used in real time to plan the business and the daily operations of the company.

Telvent is already involved with other projects in Romania, including one for the Traffic Control Center of the Bucharest — Cernavoda Highway and, in the Energy segment, the modernization of the telecommunications network for Conpet, the national oil operator.