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Energias de Portugal chooses Edinfor for wind farm system controls

6 November 2006 — Edinfor, a LogicaCMG company, announced that it has been chosen by Energias de Portugal (EDP) for the provision of the control and management system for 48 wind farms across Iberia.

The contract, worth more than 2 million euros, covers the installation of a real-time control centre in Oviedo (Spain) for approximately 1,000 wind generators, as well as a functional backup control centre in Porto (Portugal) and a data storage backlog and asset management hub at the Edinfor data centre in Sacavém (Portugal).

The first 24 wind farms will commence operation within the next 12 months and the remaining 24 will follow in the seven months thereafter. The contract includes the option to extend the system at a later stage by a further 50 wind farms, in addition to an initial three years maintenance contract. This contract extension would increase the overall value of the agreement to more than 4 million euros.

According to Edinfor, the challenge when operating a wind turbine is that production is intermittent and hard to predict, being dependent on local wind conditions that can vary frequently.

Edinfor’s control and management system will allow EDP to balance the electricity supply output, preventing over and under production, including the ability to block the network to prevent too much electricity from overloading the system. It is also possible to interconnect the system with a weather forecasting and power prediction tool, providing the ability to monitor historical information and relate this to future demands and allowing the wind farm operators to predict how much energy will be generated in order to make the necessary arrangement to ensure the optimum performance on the facility.