Issue 11 and Volume 110.

Safety Terminal Enclosure Catalog

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Adalet announces the availability of a new 90 page catalog detailing over 500 increased safety terminal enclosures and systems. The catalog is free upon request and includes primers on Increased Safety, covering its design principles, areas of use, applicable standards, testing, hazardous location marking for NEC Article 505, CENELEC and ATEX approvals. Included in the catalog are Adalet’s TN4X, TSC4X and Contractor Series increased safety enclosures, systems and accessories. Increased Safety enclosures are intended to house electrical equipment that will not generate an arc or spark during normal operation and in which surface temperatures are controlled. Increased Safety ‘e’ enclosures take design measures to resist impact and prevent the possibility of excessive heat and the ingress of water or dust, thus preventing an explosion.

Gearbox Lubricant Filter

Philadelphia Gear Corp. recently announced the availability of a new ferrous metal filtration product called CORE to aid in effective continuous gearbox maintenance. The CORE filter derives its name from Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment. It will serve a preventative maintenance role in the service of gearboxes throughout power plant applications, as each unit is capable of filtering out metallic particles as small as one micron from gearbox lubricants. Additionally, each CORE unit is capable of holding more than two pounds of debris before cleaning is necessary, thereby helping extend the run time of gearboxes and decreasing the downtime associated with maintaining and repairing them. Inside each cast aluminum CORE housing, which measures approximately seven inches by seven inches, the unit features an assembly of five magnets, each surrounded by a set of steel flux plates. The CORE units also can be installed in duplex configurations so that they can be changed out or cleaned without ever shutting down the gearbox itself. The minimal pressure drop feature makes it particularly suitable for installation upstream of pumps to provide additional protection. To enhance its versatility, the CORE unit, which weighs less than 20 pounds, has been designed to fit lube systems ranging from 1.25 inches to 2.0 inches without sacrificing any of its performance characteristics.

Solar Power Modules

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SolarWorld, a large global solar company, recently introduced its new Sunmodule product line that will be available beginning in January 2007. This next generation module incorporates an improved low profile, high strength frame and a patented compact junction box. The module design also includes new double insulated cables, which are NEC compliant for use in ungrounded source circuit systems. This allows for safer and higher efficiency system designs. The new product line is designed to, among other things, help companies meet the upcoming implementation of the California Solar Initiative, a 10-year solar incentive program designed to install 3,000 MW of solar energy in the state by 2017.

IGCC Software Suite

Responding to the growing energy industry interest in integrated combined-cycle gasification (IGCC), or cleaner coal technology, Thermoflow Inc. recently released Thermoflow Suite 16 (TFLOW 16), which includes significant IGCC enhancements for its GT PRO and GT MASTER software programs. TFLOW 16 features new hardware-based models for gasifier vessels and raw syngas coolers and includes additional steam sources for interconnecting raw syngas coolers to the power island. New IGCC output graphics have been added to better illustrate flows between the gasification plant and the power island. When combined with Thermoflow’s Plant Engineering and Construction Estimator (PEACE) program, TFLOW 16 enables conceptual engineering and cost estimation for all major components of an IGCC plant, taking into consideration coal properties and all principal design variables.

Gas Flow Meter

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Fluid Components International has introduced the ST75 Flow Meter, which is sutiable for measuring and monitoring fuel gases, such as natural gas, methane and bio-gases, as well as air flows required for the efficient operation of a wide range of plant-wide systems. The ST75 Flow Meter offers economy, performance, low maintenance and long life. It is an accurate, no-moving parts, direct mass flow instrument designed for easy, direct in-line installation in line sizes from 0.25 to 2.0 inches. The ST75 Flow Meter is ideal for use in fuel gas and air feed lines. It can help reduce the cost of operating the furnaces, burners, boilers, natural gas powered back-up power systems and power co-gen equipment. The ST75 is precision calibrated for the specific gas and under actual installation conditions to ensure the highest accuracy and repeatability for its intended application. It services a wide flow range from 0.008 to 839 SCFM, depending on line size, and up to 100:1 turndown ratio, which makes it equally well suited for low flow and high flow applications. The ST75 provides ±2 percent reading accuracy with ±0.5 percent repeatability and includes media temperature compensation.

Large Format Scanning Software

IDEAL recently began shipping ScanOS Version 3.1.4, a powerful large format scanning software that adds extra functionality to IDEAL/Contex scanners, by letting users create an automatic searchable database for their scanned images. With customized indexing, full-screen prescan and on-the-fly settings, users can scan and index quickly and easily. Version 3.1.4 features a responsive graphical user interface (gui) that makes the interactive scanning screen easy to use, as well as an improved contrast control for grayscale scanning and an updated 7.0 PDF read-write. In addition, ScanOS 3.1.4 supports collated printing and offers a high quality exposure setting to aid in scanning “noisy” drawings. ScanOS supports scan-to-file and scan-to-print simultaneously and a print tracking database aids accounting. IDEAL ScanOS supports Contex Scanners starting with fourth generation scanners, FireWire and USB, as well as any TWAIN Scanners and runs on Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

One-piece Flange Adapters

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Brennan Industries Inc. recently expanded its line of fittings and adapters with new one-piece flange adapters. Machined from round stock, Brennan flange adapters are hot-piercing bent for the desired angle and do not have braze and weld points. Swept configurations allow Brennan flange adapters to perform in limited clearance application situations, while their construction enables them to endure extremely high-working pressures and tensile strength. Brennan flange adapters are available in carbon and stainless steel, ranging in connection sizes from ½ inch to 4 inches.

UPS Selection Literature

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Staco Energy Products recently published “Common Mistakes in Selecting UPS and How to Avoid Them.” This full-color, multi-page literature identifies 17 misconceptions and mistakes that occur when selecting uninterruptible power supplies and counsels readers on how to avoid them. An example of a common mistake is to improperly size the UPS-the brochure includes worksheets to accurately determine requirements. This informative, easy-to-understand literature is ideal for any industry with power surges, sags or other anomalies, or where ongoing functioning of electrical equipment and computers is vital.

Electronic Component Catalog

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Allied Electronics, an industrial electronic component and electromechanical product distributor, has released its 2007 Allied Catalog, featuring 15 new product lines, rich product imagery and technical information. The 2007 catalog showcases more than 130,000 products from Allied’s 300 plus suppliers, including new suppliers such as Panduit, Kemet and Microchip. The inclusion of 25,000 new products ensures engineers have access to the latest technology from suppliers such as Honeywell, Phoenix Contact and Vishay. To further fortify its market position, Allied has significantly enhanced its product offerings from Alpha Wire, Belden, Agilent Technologies, Opto 22 and SMC Corp. to make product selection and specification simpler and quicker. Allied’s exclusive manufacturers’ part number index has also been enhanced to include RoHS compliance information for each product in the catalog.

I/A Series Field Device Manager

Invensys recently introduced Field Device Manager for Foxboro I/A Series distributed control systems. It provides a solution that takes advantage of both the latest Enhanced Electronic Device Description Language (Enhanced EDDL) and FDT technologies. This combination provides comprehensive lifecycle support to configure, calibrate, commission, diagnose and optimize the performance of any vendors’ FOUNDATION fieldbus device. Field Device Manager’s most long-term value is its capability to allow advanced device management applications in host systems to interact with performance diagnostics resident in the intelligent field devices. In cases where the device vendor supplies only traditional device descriptions (EDDL), Field Device Manager lets the users add additional functions, such as organizing their own live data maintenance screens and watch windows for each model of field device. The Field Device Manager also lets users set up templates for the commissioning behavior and to attach supporting manuals, repair procedures and any other Windows files they find useful in device maintenance.

Removable Cover Plate Generator Coolers

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Unifin, a supplier of cooling equipment and transformer oil pumps and valves to the power industry, recently announced its line of Removable Cover Plate (RCP) generator coolers. Unifin RCP coolers are widely used in new and existing power generation installations, from nuclear to hydroelectric to gas turbine power. Applications include both air cooled and hydrogen cooled generators. Unifin developed the RCP coolers to effectively and reliably remove heat from electrical generators caused by conductor resistance and from frictional losses in the bearings. The system is easy to clean and maintain. The coolers feature Unifin’s industry-best plate fin technology, which provides optimal heat transfer efficiency and exceptional durability. A removable, bolt-on cover plate facilitates access for cleaning while keeping the cooler installed, without disturbing the piping. A unique leak detector configuration is available to prevent catastrophic failure of the motor or generator. The detector senses moisture before it can leak into the air. The Unifin leak detector system consists of a unique full double-tube construction, which provides additional protection against possible leaks caused by tube erosion.

Barrier Seal

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John Crane Inc., a leading supplier of engineered sealing systems and associated products, announced the availability of the Type 83 Barrier seal, a dual-segmented carbon ring seal designed to prevent the migration of bearing oil to the dry gas seal cartridge on turbo-compressor equipment. The Type 83 builds on the success of the Type 82 product line-a dual-segmented carbon ring seal that features a specially designed joint between the carbon segments to minimize buffer consumption and bearing oil migration. The new design uses a unique spring design, which makes building and field assembly much easier. Further, the design has been modified to allow the seal to continue operating with low consumption in case of excessive changes in the sealing environment. If the barrier seal supply gas is lost and bearing oil migrates into the sealing cavity, the Type 83 has an additional sealing dam that helps prevent migration to the dry gas seal (DGS). When the barrier seal supply is restored, the Type 83 moves the oil back toward the bearings. This new barrier seal can be applied to agitators, blowers and fans.

Helium Filters

Helium Leak Testing Inc. (HLT) announced its new line of MaxP particle filters for Alcatel, Balzer, Dupont, Edwards, Leybold, Varian, Veeco and VIC systems. The filters are specifically designed to improve the reliability, useful life and increase the mean time between maintenance of the mass spectrometer helium leak detectors (MSLD) and associated vacuum pumps. Models are available for most MSLD systems. The reusable stainless steel filters are easily installed by replacing the centering ring in the inlet port. An MSLD is comprised of a very complex analytical collector that separates the residual gases in the vacuum cavity. As an end result, the only gas that finally reaches the intended collector is helium, which is transmitted as the leak rate. With clean, ideal surroundings and clean parts, an MSLD can operate at maximum performance for many years. HLT’s MaxP filters capture most of the debris that harms both the leak detector and vacuum pump systems.

Custom Shaft Collars

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Stafford Manufacturing Corp. recently introduced custom shaft collars that can be manufactured from high temperature alloys for power generation applications. The High Temperature Shaft Collars can be manufactured from a variety of alloys such as Type 330 stainless and others for service up to 2,250 F. They feature one- and two-piece clamp-style construction and can be manufactured to customer specification in sizes from ½ inch up to 10 inches I.D. The High Temperature Shaft Collars can incorporate special features such as threaded-, square-, or hexagonal-bores, and mounting holes on the face or O.D.

Digital Valve Positioner

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Flowserve Corp. has launched the Flowserve Logix 3400IQ Foundation Fieldbus digital valve positioner. The 3400IQ features a new FISCO-compliant user interface board, improved potentiometer, piezoelectric technology and host interoperability to provide operating versatility and fast, easy and accurate calibration. Compatible with any HART or Foundation Fieldbus distributed control system (DCS), the Logix 3400IQ controls the position of both single- and double-acting valve actuators with linear or rotary mountings. It offers commissioning, calibration, tuning and setup in about two minutes from the local user interface. All parameters from the user interface are automatically updated in the transducer block, eliminating the need to enter function blocks to perform a simple stroke calibration. Local setup and calibration of the 3400IQ does not require a link to a host controller, PC or hand-held device. With a low 9 VDC supply current and 45 psi (min.) air supply for any valve/actuator platform, the 3400IQ makes Foundation Fieldbus installation easy and straightforward. An integral PID block that uses Honeywell control algorithms makes the 3400IQ one of the fastest positioners in the industry.

Shaft Grounding Brush

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Electro Static Technology recently announced the new AEGIS SGR Conductive MicroFiber Shaft Grounding Brush, which can extend motor life. By protecting bearings from electrical damage for the life of the motor, the AEGIS SGR prevents bearing noise and motor repairs and downtime. It is ideal for in-house maintenance departments and can be easily installed as part of a preventive maintenance program. Because currents are induced on the motor shafts of AC motors that use variable frequency drives (VFDs), a grounding device is needed to keep the currents from causing frosting, pitting, fusion craters and fluting, which leads to motor failure. By safely channeling harmful shaft current away from the motor bearings to ground, the SGR prevents electrical bearing damage and the noise and motor failures it causes. The AEGIS SGR is easily installed by sliding the brush over either end of the motor shaft and locking it in place with simple screw-on mounting brackets. The SGR requires no machining and can be installed in minutes. Its conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear and last for the life of the motor, with no RPM limitations. The AEGIS SGR is unaffected by dirt, grease or other contaminants and provides long-lasting protection. It is available in standard sizes to fit AC motors ranging from 1 to 1500 HP with shaft diameters from 0.311 inch to 6.020 inches. Larger sizes are available for shafts with diameters greater than 6 inches.

Zoom Inspection Camera Expansion Kit

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Envirosight has announced a new accessory kit that doubles the field of view for its patented QuickView zoom inspection camera, allowing it to inspect all walls of a manhole when looking downward, as well as view wide areas of other close-up targets like vessel and tank interiors. The new Wide-Angle Inspection Kit consists of a wide-angle lens and lamp diffuser. The wide-angle lens replaces the front cap of the QuickView, doubling the camera’s field of view throughout its zoom range. The accessory installs in seconds with no tools and without compromising QuickView’s 150-feet submersion rating. QuickView lamps are focused to a narrow six-degree beam for viewing deep within pipelines, but the lamp diffuser supplied with the accessory kit spreads that beam for broad, even illumination of foreground targets. The accessory kit is compatible with all versions of QuickView.

Jumbo-sized Ratcheting Wrenches

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Stanley Proto has introduced a line of jumbo-sized, single-end ratcheting box wrenches. They’re the biggest ratcheting wrenches the company has ever offered. They have 12-point non-reversing box heads, in eight different opening sizes that range from 1-9/16 inches through 2-1/8 inches. They can be used to turn four, six or 12 point fasteners. The new wrenches are offered as time-savers. When loosening a big nut on a long bolt, for example, the user can now break the bond with a striking wrench, then switch to a ratcheting wrench to quickly finish the job. The wrenches are 15-1/2 inches to 19 inches long with a soft-cushion grip on the non-working end that eases stress on the user’s hands. The wrenches have a minimum swing arc of 15 degrees and a thickness of just 9/16 inches.

Handles have a standard chrome finish, while the ratcheting box ends come in black oxide. Customers can purchase the wrenches individually or as an eight-piece set.

Pressure Transducer

Sensor System Solutions Inc, a manufacturer of sensors, intelligent sensor interface electronics and intelligent embedded control systems, recently reintroduced its Pressure Transducer Model 5100 series. The unit is available in nine standard pressure range configurations (5, 15, 30, 100, 300,500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 psi) as well as available for OEM customizations. It is offered with absolute reference (15-5000 psi models), gage reference (5-300 psi models) or with sealed range reference (all models) options. In addition, the unit is equipped with a ¼ inch-18 NPTM Port or can be optionally outfitted with a 1/8-27 NPTM Port. Other configurations are available based upon custom quotations. It features a three foot shielded cable as its standard electrical connection and can be optionally equipped with a four pin Mini-Din connector or any other customized requirement for large volume requirements. The Model 5100 has voltage output and its sister product, the Model 5110 has current output. The sensor is resistant to the measured media and is suited for applications with corrosive media environments compatible with 316L stainless steel.

Cyber-Security Products and Services

Emerson Process Management and Symantec Corp. recently announced an agreement to provide comprehensive cyber-security products and services for power generators that use Emerson’s Ovation expert control system. Emerson’s Power & Water Solutions industry center will offer customers three proven Symantec security products that have been validated specifically to operate with the Ovation system. The Symantec offerings available to Emerson’s Ovation customers will help them comply with industry regulations and standards. Most notable is the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, which became effective June 1, 2006. The mandatory standards call for the identification and protection of critical cyber assets, including computers, software, SCADA and process control systems, and the networks that support those systems related to the reliable operation of bulk electric systems.


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Lincoln Electric has introduced the Precision TIG 225, a technologically advanced and wide amperage square-wave TIG welding power source. It features AC and DC output, increased welding output and new auxiliary power. Its wide operating range allows for flexibility-as low as 5 amps on both AC and DC for thin materials and up to a maximum of 230 amps for heavier TIG and stick welding applications. The TIG 225 delivers extremely stable arc starting, even at the lowest amperages for AC and DC polarity welding. It minimizes high frequency used for arc starting as well as the need for hot starting. It delivers enhanced arc stability throughout the welding cycle, making it easier to perform welding operations. Arc wandering is virtually eliminated. A soft, controlled ramp down of welding current aids the operator in achieving high-quality crater fills at the end of the weld. Another feature, Auto-Balance, takes the guesswork out of setting the ratio of optimal cleaning action and penetration levels for AC welding applications. The Precision TIG 225 also features a standard pulse control.

Flow Meter

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McCrometer recently announced the Marsh Single-Mag Flow Meter, which accurately measures liquid flows in closed conduits, with the added benefits of low maintenance, ease-of-installation and ease-of-use. The Marsh Single-Mag Flow Meter, with its unique electromagnetic technology, serves in pressurized line applications from 2 to 96 inches. It provides a highly cost-effective measurement solution with a flow accuracy of ±2 percent of reading, ±0 stability at -3 to +10 feet per second. It operates over a wide flow range of -5 to +20 feet per second. The Single-Mag provides a reliable 4-20 mA analog output signal for monitoring and alarming. Dual alarms with two separate outputs are standard. In addition to monitoring flow, the Marsh Single-Mag measures pressure and temperature. The Single-Mag measures pressures up to 250 psi and temperatures up to 160 F in stainless steel pipes.

Fuel Polisher

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Separ of the Americas recently introduced a portable, high-flow fuel polisher that eliminates water and contaminants. The cart-based FPS-600 Portable Fuel Polishing System cleans tanks holding 100 to 3,000 gallons of diesel. Featuring variable speed control, the system processes up to 600 gallons per hour. When polishing smaller tanks, the speed can be dialed down so fuel is not aerated. The compact system weighs only 175 pounds and maneuvers easily. It pulls fuel from the bottom of a tank to remove 99 percent of water and particulate. Eliminating buildup saves on costly tank-cleaning service calls and keeps equipment running smoothly. Separ’s fuel polishing unit is protected by three alarms. If the bowl fills with wastewater, an alarm sounds and the system shuts down. A second alarm monitors vacuum, signals if the filter is plugged and shuts off the unit. The third alarm sounds if pressure in the discharge hose is too high and shuts down the system. The system comes with both a 30-micron filter element and a reusable 60-micron stainless steel element.

Lube Oil Flowmeter

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Universal Flow Monitors Inc. announced a series of flowmeters for monitoring circulating lubricating oil for turbine bearings. The lube oil flowmeters are available with optional alarm switches for protecting turbine machinery and minimizing downtime in event of flow failure. The variable area meters monitor rate of oil flow to keep turbine bearings functional. The meters provide flow indication to assist in problem diagnosis and respond immediately if flow goes too low. The mechanical flow switches can be wired to trigger equipment shutdown for protection against turbine damage. The lube oil meters can monitor lubricating oil flows from one-tenth gallon per minute to 160 gallons per minute. The series includes LL piston-style meters and SN and MN vane-style meters made of materials preselected for circulating lubricating oil. The meters can be calibrated for specific oils and are easy to install, operate and maintain The meters have CSA, CE and Cenelec certifications.

Rear Projection Control Room Display Solutions

Christie, a provider of visual solutions for business and industry, introduced a comprehensive new line of next generation control room products to meet the demands of today’s mission critical display systems. Christie’s products range from single-chip to three-chip DLP solutions. All digital projection products are built on Christie’s KoRE electronics platform which provides for extensive input capability and feature ChristieNET connectivity software for monitoring and control over IP. Christie’s new TotalVIEW control room solutions include: 1) the latest single-chip XGA and SXGA+ DLP rear projection display engine technology; 2) custom configurable digital display wall controllers for extreme information display capability; 3) rear projection displays ranging in screen size from 50 inches to 100 inches diagonal; and 4) the latest in Christie’s line of rear screen three-chip DLP tiling projectors setting the industry benchmark with native HD 1920×1080 resolution.

Condensate Pump

Spirax Sarco Inc. has introduced the Pivotrol PTF4 High-Capacity Pressure Powered Condensate Pump, capable of pumping up to 40,000 pounds per hour in rapid-cycling process environments and under elevated pressure and temperature conditions. The Pivotrol PTF4 pump is designed as a solution to excessive maintenance and energy consumption common with high-capacity condensate pumps used in large commercial and industrial facilities. The PTF4’s pressure balancing body ensures both mechanisms share the pumping load equally. Patented vent assist valves release pressure in the pump body during the exhaust stroke, for faster filling and overall cycling, plus higher capacity. The PTF4 is only 2/3 the size of the unit it replaces, with nearly equal capacity through its 4-inch inlet and outlet check valves. Servicing is easier and reliability is markedly improved.

Water Treatment Corrosion Inhibitor

Alco Chemical has introduced METAFLEX EP Corrosion Inhibitor, a new breed of yellow metal corrosion inhibitor derived from a family of compounds widely known to form strong complexes with metal ions in solution. The utilization of this complexing functionality provides the needed attraction to the metal surface, while careful selection of the substituents provides a hydrophobic shield of optimal strength and durability. These unique molecular properties result in an inhibitor that provides new choices in treating yellow metals. METAFLEX EP, which is supplied as a 25 percent active solution, is not a direct replacement for Azole chemistries, but an alternative method of treating yellow metals. Designed to form durable films, METAFLEX EP offers improved film stability compared to Azole and eliminates the need for a continuous residual inhibitor. Three slug dosages of METAFLEX EP provide protection for 90 days. Additional benefits include exceptional bond strength, stability in harsh conditions, protection from white rust, effective reduction of mild steel corrosion and easy measurement via colorimetric analysis.

Coal Crusher

Pennsylvania Crusher recently announced that the Model TKK Granulator is able to handle coals of all types and is fully effective in crushing wet, fine and dirty coals. The crusher provides ready access to all inner components for servicing. The entire rear quadrant of the crusher frame is hinged, enabling the assembled rotor to be lifted out of the crushing chamber without disturbing any part of the feed system. In addition, this hinged rear quadrant can be supplied with hydraulic openers. For making cage adjustments to accommodate normal wear and to maintain product size, the Model TKK, in sizes 44 inches or larger, is supplied with synchronous gear jacks as standard equipment. The model TKK also uses Pennsylvania forged steel hammers which are arranged for full coverage of the cage, producing more consistent crushing and more uniform wear of the screen cage.

Gas Sample Dryers

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Perma Pure recently introduced the MD Series and MDH Series Dryers to remove excess water vapor from gas samples. Using Nafion membrane technology, the MD Series and MDH Series dryers selectively remove only water vapor from gas samples, leaving the carbon dioxide concentration intact for TOC measurement. This one-step drying solution eliminates the need for a drip leg, peltier cooler or desiccant canister. Without moving parts, the dryers are highly reliable and require no routine maintenance. For gas samples with above-ambient dew points, the integral heater and thermostat in the MDH Series dryers control temperature and prevent condensation throughout the drying process. This integrated design simplifies installation and operation. MD Series dryers are available in stainless steel, fluorocarbon or polypropylene, with a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of applications with flow rates up to 4 liters per minute (LPM). MDH Series dryers are designed for gas flows of up to 1 LPM, with as much as 30 percent water by volume. Either model can be incorporated easily into analyzer cabinets or used as a stand-alone device.

Circular Sightglass

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L.J. Star Inc. recently announced availability of a complete line of circular weld-on sightglass fittings that make it possible to view directly the internals of pressure vessels, gear-trains and piping in high-pressure applications. Designated Model DIN 28120, standard fittings are available in six sizes with viewing diameters ranging from 3.15 inches to 8.86 inches and pressure ratings up to 235 psi, depending on size and with higher ratings available upon request. The fittings also meet high temperature applications. Standard units equipped with Metaglas safety glass windows can operate at temperatures up to 536 F, or to 302 F with soda-lime glass. Higher temperature ratings are available upon request. Illumination is another available option. The units are provided as complete sets, ready to be welded into or onto vessel walls, complete with a sight glass set between the weld pad and cover flange as well as relevant matching seals.

Thermal Imaging Camera

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Mikron Infrared has introduced Model M7500 infrared camera, which is configurable for mid-wave or long-wave imaging and four different temperature bands. The new Model M7500 is unique in un-cooled microblast cameras because it can image in the mid-wave bands of 3.9 microns (furnace and boilers through flames) and 4.8 to 5.2 microns (for glass) in a 400 C to 1,600 C temperature range. For the widest process monitoring flexibility, the Model M7500 features two standard temperature ranges of -40 C to 120 C and 50 C to 500 C in eight to 14 micron long wave mode, ideal for typical thermal monitoring applications and unaffected by sunlight or inside lighting. An eight to 14 micron high temperature version provides a 200 C to 2,000 C range. The M7500 provides a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2 C. It uses an advanced microbolometer detector that provides 320 x 240 resolution in an economy-priced camera. The detector has 76,800 temperature-measuring pixels.

Pressure Switches

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Solon Manufacturing Co. has introduced the TFE wetted-area 2PS Pressure Switch Series that is capable of handling most corrosive processes. Applications include process control, flow monitoring and maintaining pressure and levels of most corrosive processes with adjustable pressure ranges from full vacuum thru 0-5,000 PSI including low-pressure ranges starting at 0-1.5 WC. Optional materials of 316SS, PVC, aluminum and brass are also available from stock as well as diaphragms of Buna-N, EPDM, TFE, Viton and silicone. Many other special materials, such as Kalrez, Hastelloy, Kynar are available with short lead times. Unlike most “inline” pressure switch designs, the Solon mechanism is frictionless and amplifies the movement of the sensing element, resulting in improved life, repeatability and lower dead-bands. The 2PS mechanism can be supplied with one or two electric switches that are independently adjustable. The unit can be supplied open or enclosed in a rugged die cast NEMA 4X, 12 and 13 housing. With the cover of the enclosure removed, the terminals of the electric switch(es), and the pressure adjustment(s) are exposed for easy wiring and adjustment of the pressure setting.

Pipeline Basket Strainer

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Eaton Filtration has introduced the Model 570 Duplex Pipeline Basket Strainer that continuously protects system components in pipelines from 8 inches to 36 inches in size. The strainer removes particulate matter from the system flow to protect valves, pumps, meters and other equipment from damage. Eaton’s Model 570 Duplex Pipeline Basket Strainer has been designed so that system flow never has to be shut down for strainer basket cleaning. The strainer’s hand wheel operates a sliding gate that permits the flow to be switched between either of two straining chambers to permit one chamber to remain on-line, while baskets are removed from the out-of-service chamber for cleaning. The strainer’s sliding gate valve design features a free-floating valve disc for easy operation, and the valve’s operating stem is fully enclosed to protect it from the process media. Four separate strainer baskets are used in each of the two chambers, making it easier for operators to clean baskets because each basket is much smaller and easier to handle than a single, large basket. This multi-basket design also reduces the strainer’s overall size, making it ideal for installations where space is a problem.

Variable Speed Drive Compressors

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Sullair Corp. has enhanced its 3700 Series of 40, 50 and 60 horsepower compressors with variable speed drive-the Sullair 3000V, 3700V and 4500V. The variable speed drive (VSD) allows compressors to easily, efficiently and cost effectively adjust to fluctuating compressed air demand. The compressors provide significant energy savings, lower overall costs, improved operating consistency and relief form potential peak demand changes due to their ability to adjust to changes in air demand. These VSD compressors feature simplified WS microprocessors, low sound levels and a smaller footprint than similar compressors. Multiple engineering features also have simplified routine maintenance. Sullair has released new literature that fully details all the features and options on this compressor series, as well as the important benefits of the variable speed drive.

Nitrogen Generators

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Parker Hannifin has introduced its new Balston HFX Series Nitrogen Generation Systems that produce up to 99.5 percent pure, commercially sterile nitrogen at dewpoints to -58 F from a compressed air supply. The generators include a 0.01 micron membrane filter which ensures the nitrogen supply is completely free of suspended impurities. For applications requiring controlling and monitoring, models are available with oxygen monitors that include LED readouts and remote alarm or chart recorder concentrations. Balston Nitrogen Generators completely eliminate the inconvenience and the high costs of nitrogen Dewars and cylinders. There is no need to depend on outside vendors for nitrogen gas supplies. Balston systems offer long-term cost stability by eliminating uncontrollable vendor price increases, contract negotiations, long-term commitments and tank rentals. Once the generator is installed, a continuous nitrogen supply of consistent purity is available within minutes from start-up.

Motor Flange Torque Sensor

Sensor Developments Inc. recently announced a new addition to its custom sensor product family-the 01294 motor flange torque sensor. It is designed to measure the reaction torque on the motor housing, without the need to integrate an in-line rotating torque sensor. This eliminates the potential of electrical noise due to bearing or slip-ring brushes, and allows for long-term installation and monitoring. This custom sensor can be adapted to a wide range of applications and motor face styles. Torque capacities can be designed to meet various requirements and typically range from 100 in-lbs to 10,000 in-lbs.

Air Breathers

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Industrial Specialties Manufacturing has introduced a series of lightweight breathers that help keep tanks, reservoirs and systems clean. Made from durable nylon, these breathers have a standard 48 micron screen with optional porous materials in 35, 70 and 250 microns. Breathers can be mounted in any direction and the protective caps are easily removed for maintenance or cleaning. The sleek design is available with cap color options. Both male and female threads are offered in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 or with panel mount.

Submersible Data Logging Level Transducer

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Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI level and pressure transducers, now offers its waterMONITOR submersible data logging level transducer in an absolute reference pressure format. The sealed reference design simplifies maintenance because no vent tube or associated desiccant filter is required to guard against moisture incursion. In addition, a specialized configuration of this transducer, the baroMONITOR, has been developed to collect corresponding barometric (atmospheric) pressure readings. These measurements are used to compensate for errors in the absolute level measurements induced by changing barometric pressure. The error compensation for the barometric pressure is executed under the control of K-ware Pressure Systems’ intuitive visual basic-based applications software. The software package comes standard with both the waterMONITOR and baroMONITOR. The waterMONITOR and baroMONITOR are ideal for a wide range of groundwater and surface water applications. The units have full-scale level ranges from 10 feet to 692 feet H20 with an accuracy of up to ±0.05 percent full scale total error band over the compensated temperature range of 14 F to 104 F.

Maintenance Product Catalog

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ITW Devcon recently merged the Devcon and Permatex brands to form a comprehensive product offering for OEM assembly and plant maintenance/repair. A new 60-page catalog provides application, technical and ordering information for all of these products in a easy-to-follow format. The new catalog describes a wide variety of maintenance products including Devcon epoxy and urethane compounds for repairing metal, rubber and other surfaces. Included are coatings for protecting equipment exposed to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals, as well as Floor Savers compounds for protecting and repairing concrete floors. A comprehensive selection or adhesives for OEM bonding includes Permatex instant adhesives, Devcon high-strength epoxies, advanced methacrylates for bonding plastic, and versatile UV light-cured adhesives. Permatex products for both assembly and repair include liquid gel threadlockers, retaining compounds and thread sealants plus a complete line of form-in-place gasket makers and flange sealants. Easy-to-read product specification tables allow simple comparisons of physical and chemical properties such as working time, viscosity, shear strength, chemical resistance and service temperature.

Motion Control Board

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The new HPWM 02U motion-control board from CyberResearch, Inc. uses PWM (pulse-width-modulated) signals to smooth out jitter in electrically noisy environments. The board provides two isolated PWM output channels with 16 bits of resolution, so pulse widths can range from 100 µs to 655.35 seconds. Each of the two output channels on the CyberResearch HPWM 02U analog output board is isolated to 2,500 Vdc. So are all eight digital input lines, which can also be used as 16-bit 500-Hz UP counters. The eight SPDT output relays have dielectric strengths of 1500 Vrms coil-to-contact and 1000 Vrms contact-to-contact.

Surface Temperature Sensor

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Love Controls, a division of Dwyer Instruments Inc., has introduced a new Series S-4 Weatherproof Surface Temperature Assembly that contains a rugged steel enclosure with a fast response temperature sensor for monitoring pipe surface temperature. The unit is designed for harsh applications where dirt, condensation, oil, vapor and other contaminants may be present. The rugged powder-coated steel enclosure meets NEMA 4 (IP-65) requirements. The Series S-4 includes a low profile brass sensor insulated form the enclosure for accurate temperature measurements. The unit is available with Pt 100 ohm or Pt 1000 ohm RTD sensors.

Anti-seize Lubricants

Devcon has introduced Permatex anti-seize lubricants formulated for the most severe industrial environments. The lubricants are formulated to protect mated metal parts against corrosion, rusting, galling, friction and seizing. They also reduce wrench torque, and ease the assembly and disassembly of threaded, slip-fit and press-fit connections. The lubricants are an inert blend of heavy-duty aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants in a petroleum base. They can withstand service temperatures from -60 F to 1,600 F without hardening or evaporating. Cooper-free, Prematex Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant that provides good electrical conductivity and withstands service temperatures from – 30 F to 1,800 F.

Detent-Action Rotary Switches

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Electroswitch has announced the availability of its Industrial Detent-Action Rotary Switch product line. Designed to satisfy stringent industrial application requirements, the switches boast continuous ratings ranging from five to 30 amps at 600 volts. Providing up to 16 positions and up to 75 poles, they feature fully enclosed decks; positive detent-action; and silver-plated, blade-type, double-sized, double-wiping contracts for low-resistance, shookproof contacting. All switches in the detent-action product line have spring return to normal (vertical) positions as a standard feature. They are available in five basic models spanning four continuous amperage ratings: Series 28, five amps at 600 volts; Series 25, 10 amps at 600 volts; Series 21 and 31, 15 amps at 600 volts; and Series 24, 30 amps at 600 volts. Optional features for all models include waterproof mounts, gear-driven operation, push-to-turn handles and key-operated units. All modes have terminal screws for easy, strong connections.

Ethernet I/O Blocks

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Acromag recently announced the first release in its new EtherStax line of rugged, high-density Ethernet I/O blocks for distributed I/O and SCADA applications. The ES2113 model processes 96 channels of discrete input/output signals with Modbus TCP/UDP/IP communication to a host controller. Acromag’s technology enables peer-to-peer communication between I/O units. Dual network ports support 10/100Base-TX copper and 100Base-FX fiber-optic connections and provide a redundant communication path for critical applications. An embedded Web page provides configuration menus accessible with any Web browser to eliminate programming. The compact, stackable aluminum enclosure resists shock and vibration making it ideal for mounting on machinery. It has nearly 300 I/O stack in an 8 inch by 7 inch footprint. The ES2113 interfaces with any mix of up to 96 discrete input and/or output signals. Inputs and outputs are connected in tandem with each other for easy “loop-back” monitoring of the output to increase system reliability. Selectable internal or external excitation on each 16 channel port simplifies wiring and increases flexibility for 5 to 28Vdc logic.

Turbine Sample Collector

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Jonas Inc. is now offering a simple, inexpensive device to be installed outside the turbine to collect exfoliated oxides and mineral deposits representative of deposition inside the turbine. The Collector works at pressures up to 3,000 psi and temperatures up to 1,000 F. The collected deposits are analyzed to predict deposition and corrosion inside the turbine, and to assess boiler carry-over and the effects of steam and water chemistry upsets. Turbine deposits can cause blade, rotor and discs corrosion, reduce turbine efficiency and MW generating capacity, and cause valves and seals to malfunction. Exfoliated oxides cause solid particle erosion. The optional Flow Totalizer allows the average concentration of impurities to be determined. The filter-like device, which simulates the turbine conditions governing deposition from superheated steam, can be installed at any steam sampling point. The Deposit Collector/Simulator is accessible during operation and its filter elements can be periodically replaced. After exposure to steam, the weight and chemical nature of the accumulated deposits are determined. The recommended analyses include EDAX, optical and SEM microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and wet chemistry methods.

Fuel Cell Sourcebook

Based on 10 man-years’ work, Esco Vale Consultancy has published “Fuel Cells: The Sourcebook,” which aims to be the leading reference source within this sector. The latest edition provides valuable guidance for those wishing to know more about fuel cell concepts, applications and markets and is a unique source of commercial and technical information on organizations in the sector. The printed report contains more than 300 pages. An enhanced version of the report is available in electronic format on disc. It has more than 500 pages.

High Temperature Insulation

Thermal Ceramics recently announced the development of Superfil 607 Moldable, a wet mastic material based on Superwool 607 biosoluble amorphous wool. It is supplied ready to-use direct from the pail or caulking tube. Superfil 607 Moldable is good for continuous use up to 2,000 F with minimal shrinkage and high strength. It has a smooth, semi-sticky consistency for easy application to a variety of refractory and fibrous surfaces. Common uses for non ceramic fiber Superfil 607 Moldable are to repair/re-insulate furnace lining cracks, cover metal hardware and for general patching needs. Due to its non-wetting ability by molten aluminum, the product is ideal for application in aluminum containing troughs, boxes and furnaces.

Electric Stroke Controller

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Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc. has introduced an all-digital version of its Electric Stroke Controller, which automatically regulates the flow rate of Neptune Metering Pumps in response to a 4-20 mA DC control signal. The unit also accepts 0-5 VDC and 0-10 VDC analog control signals or can be operated from incremental dry contact closures. The new actuator features an identical housing structure to its analog predecessor, allowing for easy upgrade of older pumps. Neptune’s new electric digital actuator is ideal for any application where pump flow must be automatically proportioned or varied. Neptune’s fully programmable Digital Stroke Controller improves on the older design by simplifying configuration and calibration through use of color coded pushbuttons, LEDs and a single adjustment knob. Both customer calibration and factory default settings are retained in memory even during power failure.

Pocket Temperature Calibrators

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Wahl Instruments Inc. announced two new rugged and user friendly, pocket temperature calibrators designed specifically to simplify the maintenance and commissioning of reliable and accurate thermocouple and RTD probes and transmitters in the harshest environments. The Wahl TC621 pocket thermocouple calibrator can measure and simulate with a high accuracy of 0.02 percent of reading, a temperature coefficient as low as 15 ppm/C, and 14 different thermocouple outputs. The Wahl TC622 pocket RTD Calibrator can measure and simulate with an accuracy of 0.02 percent of reading, a very low temperature coefficient of 10 ppm/C, and 12 different RTD types. Both models feature a simulation mode to create simple and cyclical ramps; synthesizer mode for sending predefined values with programmed frequency; and steps mode for sending values with programmable frequency and amplitude. Scaling allows for the correction of probe errors and is performed using up to 10 segments. Measurement mode features the ability to create a database to design curves for sensors, after calibration, in relationship with the corrections shown on a calibration report. Also, data can be recorded either manually on event or automatically with user-programmed frequency.

Drum Pump for Corrosive Media

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seepex Inc. has introduced a new MDF progressive cavity Drum Pump, designed to empty open and closed drums, totes and tanks. These portable drum pumps are available with titanium internals, PTFE housing and explosion proof motors. They are also available with an integrated drive that eliminates the need for control panels. The positive pressure on the suction side simplifies transfer of a wide range of fluids including corrosive and abrasive compounds of varying viscosities and solids content. The pumping elements are introduced directly into the fluid to lift it without the need to pull prime, making it an excellent choice for liquids with high vapor pressures like NaOCl, ketones or alcohols. No additional air or hydraulic supply is required. Without sliding plungers, there is no friction buildup that can cause an unsafe temperature increase in the liquid.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench System

Wright Tool recently added the WRIGHTTorque System to its line of torque wrenches. WRIGHTTorque wrenches are continuous-turning, high-speed pneumatic torque wrenches that are ideal for applications in confined areas requiring high torque at a specific value. Users pre-set the torque value, which shuts off automatically when it is achieved. WRIGHTTorque pneumatic wrenches have torque ranges from 88 to 4,500 pounds per foot within ± 5 percent accuracy and repeatability of 5 percent. These new pneumatic wrenches reduce vibration, damage to fasteners and assemblies, and other problems associated with impacting tools. WRIGHTTorque wrenches have an ergonomic 360-degree swivel handle and an ergonomic forward and reverse switch on the motor, providing comfort and safety to the end user. The modular-designed multiplier has a self-contained gear set that can be easily removed from the six-vane high output motor. Removable and interchangeable reaction arms (800, 1,800, 3,000 and 4,500 pounds per foot) connect to the same motor. The WrightTorque System includes: a reaction arm, a 12-foot hose, regulator, storage cage and a calibrated torque/PSI chart.

Continuous Particle Emission Monitor

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FilterSense’s continuous particulate emission monitor and baghouse leak detector incorporates automatic self checks and signal diagnostics to improve performance and to eliminate manual calibration audits as required by the U.S. EPA for MACT and CAM regulations of fabric filter dust collectors. The addition of smart sensing technology to the company’s induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies also provides enhanced reliability over older opacity and triboelectic technologies particularly in difficult applications such as coal spray dryers. Benefits include EPA compliance, eliminating cleanup costs, preventing the escape of valuable powders and protecting downstream equipment such as blowers and HEPA filters.

Electric Valve Actuators

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Flowserve Corp. has launched the Limitorque Actuation Systems L75 series of electric valve actuators. The L75 series provides remote control actuation of quarter-turn valves and other rotary devices, including on/off and modulating rotary valve applications. The L75 series adds a new dimension of operational dependability and flexibility to modern processes controlled by computers, programmable controllers and other electric control equipment. Its multi-function capability permits the use of the L75 throughout the process for on/off, throttling, variable-cycle and any analog or digital control. The L75 series is lightweight, compact and powerful. Featuring either a split-phase capacitor AC-reversing motor or a DC motor, the L75 series drives a valve through a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train to offer a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free operation. The series is available in eight sizes and produces torques to 3000 in-lb. The L75 series features a baked polyester finish as its standard coating. Special coatings are available for extreme hazardous-environment applications.

Surface Mount Accelerometer

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Endevco Corp., a provider of sensing solutions for vibration, shock and pressure applications, recently announced the introduction of its new model 71 series surface mount accelerometer, a new subminiature addition to its existing line of high shock sensors for extreme test and measurement applications. The Endevco model 71 series of subminiature SMT piezoresistive accelerometers features a rugged, undamped design for shock measurements from 6,000 to 60,000 g and sensitivities from 3 to 30 uV/g. The internal sensing system is micro-machined from a single piece of silicon and includes the inertial mass and strain gages arranged in an active, four-arm, Wheatstone bridge circuit complete with an innovative on-chip zero balance network. The low mass, extremely small size and unique construction of the sensing element blends a high resonant frequency with characteristics such as low output impedance, high over range and zero damping for no phase shift. The high resonant frequency of these sensors permits their survival in the presence of the high frequency components in a shock pulse. With resonant frequencies from 180 kHz to 700 kHz and zero damping, the 71 series responds accurately to the fast-rise-time, short-duration shock events.

Gas Engine Electronic Carburetor

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Continental Controls Corp., a manufacturer of controls and components for gas turbine and reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a new electronic carburetor for small (40 hp to 300 hp) gas engines model EGC 2. By combining the fuel pressure regulator, mixing venturi and fuel control valve, the fuel system installation is greatly simplified and the design and performance for each component is optimized for controlling a precise fuel mix to small gas engines. Not only does this eliminate the traditional mechanical carburetor and diaphragm, eliminating a frequent maintenance issue, but it generally lowers the overall cost of the fuel system. The two major benefits to using the electronic carburetor are improved fuel economy and, when used with a three-way catalyst, the best available control technology to reduce emissions. The EGC 2 offers full authority fuel control which will allow it to control a wide range of fuel types and heating values with a single carburetor. The key to the success of the EGC 2 is in the variable pressure control technique used for control. The pressure set point is varied based on an input from a standard zirconium oxide oxygen sensor in the exhaust. This along with the improved mixing from the venturi, the speed with which the fuel valve can react to changes in load or fuel heating value, and the electronic controls which offer “no droop” all contribute to this sophisticated fuel control for small gas engines.

Insulation Testers

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Megger has introduced a family of eight insulation testers that meet stringent requirements for installation, maintenance, service and repair in electrical, power and telecommunications industries. The units conform to IEC1010-2 for Category IV 600 V applications. The instruments feature dual digital and analog arc displays showing both measurement result and the actual test voltage being delivered simultaneously. The new MIT400 Series offer test voltages from 10 to 1,000 V, and includes a special user-selectable 10 V to 100 V in 1 V increments tester for low voltage insulation testing requirements. The units include an exceptional insulation resistance measurement range that extends from 20 giga ohms to 200 giga ohms, with the option to display the insulation test voltage or leakage current on the secondary display. Measurement of cable distance by capacitance is featured on two of the units, providing a convenient cable length test. The top-of-the-range models include data storage and download capability. A free calibration certificate is included with each unit and the instruments are sealed to IP54 by a weatherproof case to lessen the chance of water ingress.