Areva to replace Three Mile Island’s steam generators

27 October 2006 — AREVA NP Inc. and Washington Group International Inc. announced that their SGT LLC joint venture has signed a contract with Exelon Corp. to provide engineering and construction support for the replacement of two once-through steam generators in Unit 1 of Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Londonderry Township, Pennsylvania, US.

The replacement steam generators will also be supplied by AREVA NP under a separate contract and are currently being fabricated at AREVA’s Chalon-Saint Marcel plant in France. Delivery and installation is scheduled for Fall 2009.

The replacement services scope of work includes heavy haul transportation of the old and new steam generators at the plant site, design engineering to support the plant modifications, rigging and handling inside the containment building, special process cutting and welding and temporary plant modifications to support replacement. Each generator is 70-feet long and weighs 530 tons.