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Taiwan Power upgrades hydro station digital controls

23 October 2006 — Invensys Process Systems announced that Taiwan Power Co.(Taipower) will implement I/A Series distributed control systems (DCS) for a hydro power generation and pumped storage automation upgrade project.

The project will be located at the 1,088-MW Takuan Hydro Power Station in Nantau County in central Taiwan. The new implementation will use the Foxboro high-speed mesh control network backbone for system availability and reliability. Invensys Taiwan will also provide a range of professional services.

The new systems at Takuan will control Plant 1, comprising four 22-MW hydroelectric generation units, and Plant 2, which consists of four 250-MW hydro-electric pumping units. The plants use water stored in Sun-Moon Lake, Taiwan’s largest natural lake. The automation system will provide frequency stabilization during daytime generation and optimization for off-peak pumped storage, addressing a problem for the island’s isolated grid. During the day, the plants provide power for local industry and the regional electric grid. At night, surplus generation capacity is used to pump water above the dam and back into Sun-Moon Lake, where it is stored for the next day’s generation.

The new systems, connecting more than 10,000 I/O points with a new central control room, will drive several applications: automatic generation control; hydroelectric generation; hydro-electric dispatch; pumping/generation sequence and optimization, and events history. The latter utilizes I/A Series TDR/TDA (transient data recording/transient data analysis) capabilities. Together, these applications help Taipower to determine when to generate and when to store electricity, while using Takuan’s plant assets most economically.