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Sorbent to install two mercury control systems

23 October 2006 — Sorbent Technologies Corp. has been awarded contracts to supply two complete mercury emission control systems to a major Western utility.

The new systems will inject specialized carbon materials into the power plant ductwork ahead of particulate removal equipment to adsorb mercury from the flue gas. The two large boilers involved produce over 1,000 MW of power. The orders call for delivery of the systems during the second quarter of 2007.

“While Sorbent Technologies’ earlier strength has been in the innovative materials that will be supplied for the day-to-day operation of such systems,” said Sid Nelson Jr., the Company’s President, “utility customers have been asking us for the complete package. These injection equipment system orders now mark our entry into the power plant mercury reduction marketplace as a full-service mercury control provider.”

In response to various recent state-imposed mercury reduction rules and judicial consent decrees, power plants have begun to order mercury emission reduction systems for the first time. Ohio, however, has no state mercury emission reduction requirements.