ConocoPhillips to expand UK’s largest CHP station

20 October 2006 — ConocoPhillips today announced the approval of an investment of approximately $400 million to expand the capacity at its Immingham Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in the United Kingdom by 450 MW, from 730 MW to 1,180 MW.

This expansion would make Immingham CHP one of the world’s largest and most efficient power stations and an additional source of low carbon heat and power for the United Kingdom. Commercial operation of the expansion is currently expected to start in the summer of 2009.

The plant provides steam heat and electrical power to ConocoPhillips’ Humber refinery and steam heat to Total’s Lindsey oil refinery, both adjacent to the plant in North Lincolnshire, UK. ConocoPhillips said that by combining the production of heat and power, Immingham CHP uses 20 percent less fuel and produces 25 percent less carbon than the alternative of producing heat and power separately. Immingham CHP will now contribute 12 percent toward the UK’s CHP target of 10 GW by 2010.