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Private sector to invest $10 bln in Texas wind projects

6 October 2006 — Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced this week a major public-private initiative to further diversify the state’s energy supply by expanding wind-generated energy.

“This is a landmark day as the State of Texas partners with private industry to make a historic investment of more than $10 billion in new wind energy infrastructure that will diversify our energy production, clean up our air and help Texas surpass our renewable energy goals,” Perry said.

Private companies have agreed to the capital investments in wind energy generation while the Public Utility Commission directs the construction of additional transmission lines to capture and deliver the zero-emission power.

Perry, who was joined at the announcement by executives of several companies that have committed to building wind energy infrastructure, emphasized the benefits wind energy has on the environment.

For every 1000 megawatts generated by new wind sources, Texas will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by six million tons over the next 20 years.

Texas has abundant wind energy, particularly in West Texas and along the gulf cost. In 2001 Texas added more wind power capacity than all other states combined, and earlier this summer Texas surpassed California as the nation’s leader in wind generation capacity.

According to Renewable Energy Access, companies that have already committed to invest include Airtricity, $3 billion; AES Wind Generation, $1 billion; Babcock & Brown, LP, $1.5 billion; Horizon Wind Energy, $1.5 billion; PPM Energy, $1 billion; Renewable Energy Systems, $500 million; Florida Power & Light Company, $ 1.5 billion; and Gamesa Energy, $1 billion.