Issue 9 and Volume 110.

Portable Oil Skimmer

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Abanaki Corp. has redesigned its Tote-It portable oil skimmer to include a new removable trough that makes clean up and oil disposal easier. The new design also allows customers to upgrade to wider belt sizes, as their oil removal volumes expand, without replacing the entire oil skimmer unit. The Tote-It oil skimmer removes up to 12 gallons-per-hour of free-floating oil from water. The single assembly unit, weighing just 36 pounds, is easy to move and can be hand carried to any indoor or outdoor application. It can also be used in permanent installations with limited access areas. Well-suited for removing oil from parts washing and machining center applications, the skimmer also reduces bacteria growth in tanks along with resulting odor. With proper configuration the Tote-It can handle liquid temperatures up to 212 F along with pH levels ranging from three to 13. The units mount easily and require minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Ultrasonic Probes

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As options to its line of ultrasonic detectors, UE Systems has introduced probes that permit ultrasonic inspection to be performed in difficult-to-access areas. These sensors plug into the company’s pistol-shaped instruments, allowing accurate readings of pressurized gas leaks such as compressed air and steam or vacuum leaks in tight places. Models include “U-Bend,” a bendable probe that fits Ultraprobe digital models 10,000 and 9000, and analog models 2000 and 100. “Tele-Bend” is a telescoping version available for Ultraprobe 10,000, 9000 and 2000, which extends up to 56 inches to reach overhead or hard to reach targets.

Power Industry Product Catalog

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HD Electric Co. recently announced the availability of a new four-color short-form product catalog. This 46-page catalog contains product offerings in four categories for the electrical power industry; test, measurement & safety; controls & system measurement; utility specialty products; utility lighting products. The catalog provides a description of each product along with photos, part numbers and a Web site link for additional information.


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Universal Flow Monitors Inc. has introduced CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters for dilution water and similar applications in water treatment. The flowmeters are easy to specify, install and set and are available in sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 4 inches in ¼-inch increments. They provide consistent flows of chemicals used for treating wastewater common to power generating facilities such as water for suppression of coal dust. These flow-meters also monitor seal water flows to slurry pumps and other essential equipment in the power industry. CoolPoint meter repeatability is +/- 1 percent and the flow meters have an accuracy of +/- 2 percent of actual flow. They have a scaled pulse output as a standard selectable option and are built for effective measurement of liquids and fluids that may contain particles. They have no moving parts to stick or coat, thereby eliminating potential for clogging. All operational features are selectable by pushing buttons on the meter face.

High Purity Steam Generator

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RASIRC recently introduced its first product, the Intaeger UHP (Ultra High Purity) fully automated steam generator. The system benefits companies whose processes are sensitive to impurities and variability in their water vapor and are looking for an improvement in performance and safety. The Intaeger UHP provides ultra high purity steam and process control and does not require hydrogen and oxygen to generate water vapor. Water contaminants, including dissolved gases, are removed, metallic impurity sources are eliminated, and particle sources are greatly reduced, resulting in purity equal to or better than that created by burning oxygen and hydrogen. The Intaeger uses de-ionized water. It is a highly flexible system that automatically controls delivery pressure, temperature and the directly related mass flow rate so it can be adapted for many applications. Liquid level is monitored and filled either automatically or manually. An additional temperature control loop minimizes condensation of UHP steam. The system has purge and drain capabilities. Its design enables the purifier to be located remotely from the steam generator, conserving critical space around the process tool. It can be operated locally or remotely.

Fly Ash Gaskets

EGC Enterprises Inc. introduces TB 1000 Fly Ash Gaskets for pipe coupling systems. Made of Thermabraid high purity, low weight loss flexible graphite yarns and braided packing, EGC’s TB 1000 Fly Ash Gaskets stand up to the high operating temperatures and abrasive environment of fly ash handling systems, and are well suited for use with all other types of aggressive media carried by piping networks. The gaskets are constructed of pure flexible graphite, e-glass and EGC’s proprietary high temperature binder and manufactured using tight-tolerance processes. Fly ash gaskets fit all popular standard size couplings.