Air Pollution Control Equipment Services, Nuclear

Construction & Contracts

Issue 9 and Volume 110.

GE Energy will supply two new nuclear units for the South Texas Nuclear Project. The plant’s operator, STP Nuclear Operating Co., asked GE Energy to begin work on two GE Advanced Boiling Water Reactors for the Bay City, Texas plant, owned by NRG Energy, CPS Energy (City of San Antonio) and Austin Energy (City of Austin). The plant already has two nuclear units producing 2,600 MW. The $5.2 billion addition will double the plant’s capacity.

Babcock Power Environmental received a contract from AES to design and supply a multi-pollutant control system for Unit 4 at AES’ Greenidge plant. The project is backed by DOE to demonstrate a multi-pollutant control system to cut emissions from smaller coal-fired plants for less than the cost of controlling NOX and SO2 separately.

AREVA won a contract from Pacific Gas & Electric to provide two replacement reactor vessel heads at the Diablo Canyon Plant Units 1 and 2.

Washington Group International will provide detailed engineering, procurement assistance and construction management services to install a flue gas desulfurization system at Reliant Energy’s Cheswick Plant in Pennsylvania.

enXco Development Corporation and Mid American Energy Company signed an agreement to develop and build a 123 MW wind facility in Pocahontas County, Iowa consisting of 82 GE 1.5 MW wind turbines. Construction is slated to start later this year with completion before the end of 2007.

Mirant will install FGD systems on its three Maryland power plants – Chalk Point, Dickerson and Morgantown. Mirant will also install SCR at Chalk Point to further reduce NOX emissions by about 92 percent. The FGDs and SCR will reduce emissions of ionic mercury from the three plants about 90 percent.