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Issue 8 and Volume 110.

Hydrogen Sensors

H2scan Corp. has announced the launch of two new hydrogen specific sensor products, the HY-OPTIMA handheld model 500 and the HY-ALERTA in-line model 700. These next generation sensors provide accurate real time measures in extreme conditions, including condensed water environments, the presence of CO and sulfur, and in process streams up to 125 C. The new products are based on H2scan’s proprietary “chip on a flex” solid-state technology originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories. The sensing element of both models 500 (handheld) and 700 (in-line) uses a palladium nickel capacitor for lower threshold measurements to 15 ppm and a palladium nickel resistor for measurements from 5,000 ppm to 100 percent. The new product line also has a membrane and coating over the sensor die that allows hydrogen to penetrate, but keeps all moisture, CO, sulfur and other gases from penetrating to the sensor die.

Intelligent Pump System

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Flowserve Corp. has introduced IPS Tempo, a pre-engineered intelligent pump optimization, control and protection system designed to improve performance, lower total cost of ownership, reduce power consumption up to 50 percent, and improve mean time between repair (MTBR). IPS Tempo helps eliminate costly downtime and expensive repairs caused by dry running, blocked lines, pump overloads, closed suction or discharge valves, cavitation and excessive wear or rubbing. Users can program IPS Tempo to respond to process and condition variables to protect pump equipment against adverse operating conditions, thereby optimizing plant output and pump availability and lowering total cost of ownership. IPS Tempo adjusts pump operations for flow, pressure, temperature and fluid level changes. The system monitors process variables and pump power, and offers extensive condition monitoring and control. IPS Tempo features the most common pump-specific parameters built into its setup, including capacity and head, making implementation fast, reliable and easy.

Electric Motor Simulator

Magsoft Corp. announced recently that Motor-CAD Version 3 is available for distribution. This new release offers a range of interface, simulation and post-processing technologies. The Motor-CAD V3 now includes brushless permanent magnet motors, brushless permanent magnet motors with an outside rotor, brush permanent magnet motors, single and three-phase induction motors, switched reluctance motors, synchronous generators and claw pole generators. The Motor-CAD interface templates include a material database for solids and the ability to directly assign materials to machine components, a water jacket capability in the slot and rotor regions, strategic fixed temperature injection points, multiple layout options for the housing fins and dynamic memory allocation for complex duty cycle analysis. Users can now customize the format of their transient solution data, save desired graph settings and then re-use them for alternate solutions. Operators can also use the differential solution mode to compare one solution to another or use the export technology to transform either the steady-state or transient data into a popular standard file format. Solutions can be cleanly incorporated into reports or experimental archives.