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GE to modify two 6B gas turbines for Chinese project

26 July 2006 – Under a new agreement with Chinese “green energy” company Eurofo International Group, GE Energy will modify the combustion and fuel systems of two Frame 6B gas turbines, enabling the machines to burn purified coke oven gas (COG) for power generation.

The two Frame 6B gas turbines have been operating on heavy fuel in a power plant in Dalian of Liaoning Province. Following the GE modifications, the two units will be installed at a new Eurofo combined-cycle plant in Xiaoyi city, Shanxi Province.

The new combined-cycle plant’s output will be approximately 113 MW, using COG as the primary fuel, and NOx emissions will be held under 39 ppm.

The refurbished gas turbines will be shipped in June of 2007, followed by the installation and commissioning of the fuel modification systems. The modification work is going to be done by GE at the new project site. Commercial startup of the gas turbines at the new combined-cycle plant is expected by July of 2007.

“Eurofo has been working on environmental protection projects in China for some time,” said Jack Wen, President of GE Energy China. “With support from the government, they searched for a solution to better utilize wasted coke oven energy and reduce coke oven gas emissions such as methane. This project is a great example of how gas turbine solutions can help cogeneration plants and steel mills improve efficiencies while reducing energy costs and environmental impact.”

GE is working with Eurofo and steel mills to develop a COG power generation programme for China, as a step toward reducing the country’s gas emissions. In addition to 6B gas turbine modifications, they will utilize GE’s aero-derivative generators to burn COG.

In May of this year, GE signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China’s National Development and Reform Commission to expand cooperation in the development of advanced environmental technologies, including waste gas technologies which help turn coal mine methane and landfill gas into power. GE also will invest up to $50m in ecology-related research and development funds at its China Technology Center in Shanghai over the next five years.