Portable items drive growth in power supply and power management systems

30 June 2006 – A recent study by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) forecasts the worldwide market for eight major types of power supply and power management integrated circuits (PSICs) will increase from $9bn in 2005 to about $16.7bn in 2010.

The predicted 13.1 per cent annual growth in the power supply and power management IC market is being fuelled by a rapidly increasing number of applications coupled with the need to increase efficiency of already existing products. In particular, many new consumer products are hitting the market that require PSICs, especially portable devices. Consumers are demanding more applications be made mobile and that battery life be extended for these products.

In addition to many new applications being developed, there is increasing demand around the world for more efficient power supplies in products which already utilize PSICs, as energy costs increase.

A final factor fuelling strong growth in the PSICs market is brisk expansion of emerging Asia-Pacific markets such as in China and India.